2007/12/03_Reading Blog_The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

Tiffany Lee 2007/12/3 Reading Blog 

· What happened??     

The giraffe, monkey, and pelican started to wash the windows. When they were actually going to start it, the Duke told them not to wash the top two windows because nobody could reach there and also the giraffe could not reach it. But the giraffe said they can do it and suddenly, it stretched its neck longer and longer and longer! Everyone was very surprised because it was very magical. They started to wash the Duke’s window cleanly by doing their best. Suddenly, all of the stopped washing the window and just looked at the room on the third floor. They saw the thief who was stealing the gold and jewelries from the Duke’s wife’s room. When the Duke was about to call the police officers, Pelican suddenly opened its wide and bendable beak to catch those people in the room who were going to steal the jewelries. The pelican’s beak was almost going to pop because there were few people. The Duke told Pelican to open the mouth to catch the thief but the Pelican did not open it because it knew that the thief had a gun which is dangerous. Suddenly, the sound of gun was heard with the fearfulness. Everyone was shocked because the Pelican’s beak had a hole which the thief shot the beak of the Pelican. Therefore, the giraffe asked the Pelican to shake the beak so that the thief would be dizzy. Therefore it shook it, and the Duke called the police officers to come. When they came, he asked the Pelican to open the beak therefore, it opened, and there was a thief with the gold and jewelries in the bag. The Duke and his wife were so happy that the thief was caught and said thank you to the animals. He asked them to stay with him and told them that he will provide all of the foods for them. He gave the pink and purple colored flowers for the giraffe, the river where a lot of fishes live for the pelican, the walnut trees for the monkey and the old building where Billy wanted to have a sweet candy shop for Billy and gave him the shop to make them control the shop. Billy and other animals had to be separated but had a great experience together.

· What will happen next??  I think Billy’s sweet candy shop will become very famous that Willy Wonka will visit it because of the fame. And I think Billy will go to the Willy Wonka’s factory and get the company and factory with Charlie. Also the animals will be having a good time with the Duke by eating their food which are all rare.

· How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    As I was reading this book, it is very generous and mundane story but Roal Dahl described each part of the story very descriptive which made me more emotional. And the last part where the Billy opened his own sweet candy shop, I was very happy to see the candies of Willy Wonka’s. This book showed me the friendships so I really liked it.

· Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? I want to ask Billy how he felt when he got a lot of candies from other countries which the Duke ordered to make Billy to open the sweet candy shop. And also there were a lot of candies from the Willy Wonka’s factory so I want to ask how the candies did from there tasted like, because I really wanted to taste each one of candies when I read the book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”



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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/3/Monday Journal 

  On Sunday, I woke up early in the morning because I had to go to the church. When I was awake, I was so sleepy because I slept late last night. I prepared to go to the church in Suwon, calls Central Baptist Church. I had a good time by having a good sermon from the pastor which was about the friendship. After all, I came to my home and ate the lunch which was made by my mom. It is very rare to eat a food made by my mom because she is always busy because of her works. After the lunch, I searched about what movies are on with my parents with my computer. There were a lot of good movies but we chose to see the movie called, “August Rush.” I cried because it was very impressive and some parts of the movie made me very sad. After the movie, we went to the place where we can eat ribs. While we were driving, my parents started to say that the movie was very nice, and I agreed with it! When we arrived there, I had such a great time by eating one of my favorite foods. As I expected, eating is my favorite thing to do. After all, we arrived at our house and turned the Christmas tree’s light on. It was very beautiful and I felt that my birthday and the real Christmas days were coming soon! I used rest of my day by doing some of my homework and chatting with my friends. I also told a lot of friends who are in my writing class that the verb test was cancelled. I was so sleepy at night so I slept at 12:30 P.M. in the night with the full of happiness.

  On Saturday, I was very happy that I could stay at my home for the whole day except I had to go the orchestra practice. I was kind of boring but tried to use all of my day by doing something that will help me to feel good such as chatting with my friends. When I was practicing a clarinet with my other friends, I felt like I had to practice more because all of the others were way better than me. When I arrived at my home, I was so sleepy because I was in a state of tension with others.

  On Friday, I learned that I always have to practice more than enough from my opinion. Because when I went to have the clarinet lesson, I memorized my songs for the concert on December 15th. Teacher told me that I have to practice more than what you think, because I might get nervous on the stage. Therefore, I decided to practice every single thing which will benefit me through out my life. And then as I practice, I hope I could improve more.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/2/Sunday Journal 

  On Saturday, I woke up later than other mornings because I was too tired. When I woke up, nobody was in my house except for my dogs and me. Suddenly, my daddy called me and told me that he bought few rows of kimbab on the table. Therefore, I went out and ate kimbab very deliciously because I was very hungry. After that I sat down on my chair and opened my laptop. I started to do some of my homework, chatted with my friends through MSN, and enjoyed a lot of songs which I love to do. After all, at 5:30 P.M., I started to pack my things because I had to go to the orchestra practice. I left my home at 6 P.M. and rode the bus to go to my old school where we practice the orchestra team. When I arrived, I started to practice with other students and had a great time by learning and practicing. After it, when I came to my home, my mommy came from the business trip and my daddy came from the university too. We had a great time by talking and watching the television. Then I slept at 1 A.M. in the morning.

  On Friday, after the busy school day, I was so happy and excited because I get to rest at my home for at least two days. When I went to the place calls “Vitamin” with Meena and Rachel, I was very relaxed and comfortable because I knew that I will be resting for few days and had a good time by chatting with my friends. When I had a clarinet lesson, I was so tired but I tried my best to memorize two pieces of song for the concert. When I came to my home, I was very relaxed and had a great time together with my daddy.

  On Thursday, I learned and realized that friends are forever when I care, cover, and understand my friends. Because when I had a problem with my friends, I had a hard time because it was about one of my best friends. But I also learned that friends are not forever when you are not matched with them and can not understand them.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/1/Saturday Journal 

  On Friday, I woke up early in the morning to go to the school as a usual. When I was in the school, I learned a lot of things from the teachers which was very precious. During the G block which was reading class, I went to the music class with other few students because we had to practice the clarinet for orchestra team not a band team. I had a good time with them who were very good at playing their own instrument. After the school, I went to the place we can enjoy, drink and eat calls “Vitamin” with Rachel and Meena. We firstly went to Meena’s house to get something and went straight to the place where we could enjoy. We ate a lot of delicious things and talked a lot which I love to do. After I enjoyed, I had to go to the clarinet lesson so I came out of the store earlier than others. When I was arrived at the place where I take the clarinet lesson, it was 6 P.M. I played and practiced my clarinet because our performances are coming soon which is on December. After that, I came to my home, and I played a lot by myself because it was Friday!

  On Thursday, I was having a same day as others. Therefore, there were no special events but I just stayed at my room by doing a lot of things like homework and chatting with my friends. It was such a normal day but I enjoyed it because I did a lot of things which I loved to do. And also as a usual, I was very sleepy because of the school work and got some pressures because of the school works.

  On Wednesday, during the student council meeting, I learned and realized that as one of the members of student council association, I need to be a role model of other students by always doing the right things, because student council association is the group of students who represent the students. Therefore, I will work hard and do only right things from now.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/11/30/Friday Journal 

  On Thursday, during the school time, my friends and I had a problem with the friendship. Therefore, it passed very quickly by having a hard time. During the reading class, I took the reading comprehension test which was very hard for me. After the school, I straightly went to my home by riding the bus by myself. When I was arrived, I was so stressed because I realized that I have a lot of things to do for this month. Therefore, I opened my laptop and started my works. After the work, I made the poster which was about my profile from the mandarin class. I put many pictures and decorated because I felt like I had to make the poster. When I was done, my mom came at 7 P.M. and ate the dinner with my mom which was my favorite. After the supper, my mom said she will go to a business trip with other professors early in the morning to Busan and will come back on late Saturday. Therefore, I helped her to pack things up and I even lend her my cute bag because she asked me to borrow. I chatted with my friends about a lot of things going on these days. And I did my favorite thing which was to sleep!

  On Wednesday, I was not feeling well because I was too tired and worried about a lot of things. When I was walking, I saw that my apartment was colored with the weird pink color which was very odd. I wanted to change it again because I wanted it to look very gentle and graceful. Therefore, I was very disappointed with the color. When I came to my home, as a usual, I got a lot of pressures because of homework, tests, and projects I had so far. And I was so sleepy during the night time as a usual.

  On Tuesday, I learned that I can find the joyfulness among the toughness and hardness in my life. When my daddy came at night, I told my daddy that I am having such a hard time these days. Then suddenly, he told me to find the happiness among them because, because of the toughness of life, your life is more fun exciting. Therefore, I realized the important lesson in my life.

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2007/11/29/Thursday_Reading Blog_The Giraffe and the Pelly, and Me.

· What happened??     Long time ago, there was a queer old building which was very close to the main character, Billy’s house. One morning, Billy saw the letters saying “for sale” on the wall. He was curious who will buy that queer building so he went there for every single day. One day, the letters saying “for sale” was gone and he was very curious about who moved there. When Billy was waiting for someone to come out of the building, suddenly, the bathtub was dropping and crashing on the floor which came out from the second floor’s window of the building. And also later on, a lot of things were coming out of the same place. Therefore, Billy asked who are there but there was no answer with the silence. So he went to his house and decided to come again in the morning.  Next morning, as his decision, he came in the morning to the queer old building. And he first recognized that the door of the building has changed to the red color and it was very high that he could not even see the top of the door. Also, there was a sigh saying, “The Ladderless Window-Cleaning.” Suddenly, one pretty giraffe, tough pelican, and silly monkey came out of the window by showing their faces. All of them were looking at Billy with the weird expressions. Soon, a pretty giraffe asked pelican to take Billy to up high so that the giraffe could see. Therefore, the pelican went down to take Billy. The pelican opened its mouse to come in but Billy could not trust Pelican because it might harm Billy with its beak. Therefore, he refused to go there; therefore, the pelican showed the magic with its beak which the beak was bendable. Billy was persuaded by them and went up high where giraffe is with the pelican. When Billy arrived, the pretty giraffe asked Billy to help to earn much money, because they had to eat something but they did not have much money to get some foods which they needed. Suddenly, the chauffeur came to the building where Billy and other animals were and started to read the letter from the duke of Hampshire which was asking the animals to come to his house to clean hundred of windows. They were so happy to get the letters and went to the place where the duke lived with Billy’s instruction. When they were arrived, the shouting sound was coming out of the garden who was the duke. He was asking his servant to get a cherry which was at the top of the tree that the servant could not reach it. Therefore, the animals and Billy went there and tried to take those cherries. The duke was so upset that they would eat his cherries therefore he asked his servant to get a gun. The animals did best to get all of the cherries to give it to the duke and they made it! The duke was very surprised and asked them who they are. Therefore, they told the duke that they are the window cleaner and started to clean the windows of the duke’s. 

·  What will happen next??  I think the animals and Billy will finish their work perfectly and quickly. Therefore, they got to have their own foods. Suddenly, they will become famous that they can have enough food for themselves. And also I think they will give much money to Billy who helped them a lot.

·  How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    As I was reading this book, I learned that they were very cooperative and warm hearted to everyone. And also it was a fantastic idea to use giraffe as a ladder, pelican as a can where they could put water in it, and the monkey as an animal which cleans the window. And they looked very good to me because they always do their best to earn much money. 

·  Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? I want to ask to the author of this story whose name is Roald Dahl. The question is, how can you write the story very creatively and excitingly through the plots and the characters? I have written few stories, but it was very hard to make it as a perfect product. I am so curious about the answer. 

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Tiffany Lee 2007/11/29/Thursday Journal 

  On Wednesday, the schedule was very different from what we did before and had a great time during the chapel time. I also had a student council meeting during the advisory period to make a lot of events in GSIS. After the school, while I was coming from the school by myself, I saw some people who were painting the wall of apartment with the pink color which was very weird. When I arrived at my home, I opened my laptop and did some of my homework. I also chatted with my friends and talked about the tests. My mom came at home at 7:30 P.M. so I ate the supper late on Wednesday. After I ate dinner, my mom studied about the Christian which was her homework and I studied for the reading comprehension test on Thursday. I slept at 11 P.M. and woke up at 5 A.M. in the morning to study.

  On Tuesday, like the other days, I had such a busy time in my school with a lot of homework, projects, and tests. After the school I went to the place where we can drink and eat which was called “Vitamin,” which made me to relax more and I had a good conversation with Meena which made me to have less stresses. When I was walking to my home, it was very cold outside that made me to tremble. I was having a normal time by studying and chatting with my friends and I was very tired that I slept at 11 P.M. with the full of happiness.

  On Monday, when I was in the Lotte World, I learned that the important thing which I knew but realized strongly this time. The lesson was that friends are very important in my life that makes my life enjoyable. Because when I played with Meena, Rachel and Eugenia in the Lotte World, they made me to have less stresses and I had a more joyful time because of them. I am very thankful to have a lot of friends in my life which I did not really care before but affects a lot to me especially in these days.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/11/28/Wednesday Journal 

  On Tuesday, I woke up late in the morning because I went to the Lotte World on Monday which made me to have less energy. After the normal classes, I had such a fun and helpful after school activity with Ms. Bae. We learned and went through about Mrs. Flowers because we have test on Thursday. When it was done, Meena and I decided to go to “Vitamin,” where we can eat cake, waffle, and drinks. We ate and drank a lot because we were very hungry. We talked about what is going on these days and had a good conversation. We were finally separated at 6 P.M. and I arrived at my home very soon. When I arrived, I did my homework which was very little. But I had to study for the spelling test but did not have much time.  I ate the supper with my daddy at 7 P.M. without mom because my mom was working at her university. My family members watched drama which calls “Iesan”at 10 P.M. which is my family’s favorite drama. And I slept at 12 P.M. which is earlier because I could not handle my tiredness.

  On Monday, I was very happy to go to the Lotte World with my friends which I liked it much. I threw almost all of my stresses there by screaming. I also felt that the time was going very quickly because I was having such a good time. And also every single minute was very precious for me. When I arrived at my home, I was so sleepy because I walked and screamed a lot there in the Lotte World. I did some of my homework which I had not finished. And rest of my day passed without any troubles. I also was waiting to go to the school but worried about the school because I will be having a lot of homework from Tuesday.

  On Sunday, I learned that I should be the prayer of God. In the past, I did not pray a lot. But in the church, I learned about the importance of the prayer. Therefore, I decided to pray a lot at least six times per day. I also realized that I should be communicating more with God because he will give me a lot of knowledge and love.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/11/27/Tuesday Journal 

  On Monday, in the morning, I woke up early to prepare to go to the Lotte World with Meena, Eugenia, and Rachel. At 8 A.M., Meena’s daddy came in front of my apartment to take Eugenia and me and then he took Rachel up. We arrived at the Lotte World at around 10 A.M. because the traffic was jammed. When we arrived there, to buy a ticket, we saw Chris Cha, and Alvin Choi who were buying a ticket. When we first got there, we put our coats and umbrellas in the place where we could put things in by putting 1,000 won in. We rode a lot of fun things with the full of excitement and I enjoyed a lot. There were a lot of people who were waiting to ride the most excite one. We also congratulated Rachel for her birthday by giving the presents to them. After having a good time by riding and taking a photo together, we left the Lotte World at 4:30 P.M. because I had to go home earlier. We rode the 1112 bus to go to Suwon where all of us live. We arrived at 6 P.M. which was not that late. When I came to my home, I did my last homework and had a great time with my family. I also watched the drama called “Iesan”with my family. And I was so sleepy that I slept at 12:30 A.M. in the morning.

  On Sunday, I had a great time in the church because I heard such knowledgeable words from our pastor which will be very helpful for us through the lifetime. Sunday was also a busy day by going to grand parents’ house. I was so thankful to them because they made a lot of kimchi for us. But also I was so happy because kimchi is my favorite food and it was very delicious! When we came back to our home, I was so happy because I could relax the most. I ate the supper a lot because of the new kimchi and had a great time with my family members.

  On Saturday, I learned that everything needs the effort of mine because whenever I play clarinet, if I do not put all of my effort in it, the song sounds very heavy and dull. But when I put all of my efforts and accents in it, the song becomes very light and joyful. Even though I am doing the little thing, I should put all of my effort which is my current goal.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/11/26/Monday Journal 

  On Sunday, I woke up earlier in the morning because I had to go to the church which was in Seoul where my parents go. My family members were preparing to go to the church and we got there at the exact time. My family members and I listened what the pastor was telling us, sang the gospel, read the book, and prayed hard to God. When the church ended, we arrived at our grand parents’ house to get a kimchi from them. We bought some fruits to grand parents and ate the lunch together. It was so delicious because my grandmother made for my family. And also there were a lot of loves in it. We removed much kimchi from one dish to another. Suddenly, uncle came, so my daddy, grandfather and uncle talked together for much time. After few hours, we left our grand parents’ house and arrived at the place where I could change my contact lenses, because I had to change my lenses for every six weeks. Then, finally, we arrived at our lovely home. I listened to the music and finished homework from my daddy which was to solve some math problems. I also exercised with my parents and slept at 12:30 A.M. in the morning.

  On Saturday, in the morning, I woke up late. At that time I felt that I need an alarm which would make me to wake up early in the morning. I spent almost whole noon time by relaxing myself from a lot of pressure of studying. I think just because I was resting, could feel that the time was passing very quickly that made me very sad. When I arrived at the place where I practiced an orchestra, I was very tired. But when I was actually practicing the clarinet, I got much power and did my best which is my goal! When I was playing a game with my parents which’s purpose was to exercise, I thought that I need to exercise more in these days.

  On Friday, when I had such a bad situation which made me to go to the police office, I learned that I should be aware of myself and ourselves when we go out to play especially in Seoul where various people live. And also, I learned that I should try to avoid to go out during the night time because there are a lot of dangerous people in the world who are active during the night time.

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