2007/12/12/Wednesday_Reading Blog_James and the Giant Peach

· What happened??     

 Long time ago, there was James Henry who was living very happily with his kind and gentle parents. They lived in the beautiful house beside the beach and James could play with his friends in the beach. Then, one day, James’s parents went to London to do some shopping, and they suddenly got eaten up by an enormous angry rhinoceros which had escaped from the zoo in London. Therefore, James became alone with the full of sadness. After, James had to live with Aunt Sponge, and Aunt Spiker who were very mean and nasty on the top of a high hill in the south of England. Two aunts were being very mean to James that they called him a nasty little beast, forced him to work every time, and did not allow him to go farther away to the beach. He always had to stay alone by himself and looked at the garden which had one giant peach tree which has never had the peaches or flowers before for a long time. After few days, a peculiar thing happened which was held in the garden. Suddenly, Aunt Sponge and Spiker forced James to work for them and while he was working his arm hurt a lot and was very tired. Therefore, he asked two aunts to go out to the beach to enjoy but he got rejected and they forced him to get out of their views. While he was in the garden and crying, suddenly, an old man who looked very weird came to James and asked him to come near him. Therefore, James went to him and suddenly an old man showed James something that was very pretty like a diamond. Therefore, James asked the old man what is it with the full of the curiosity. He explained James that it is mixture of crocodile tongues, the eyeballs of a lizard, the beak of a green parrot, the juice of a porcupine and three spoonfuls of sugar. He also told James to drink this then peculiar thing will happen without James’s enemies, two aunts. When an old man left, James took it carefully and tried to drink it. But suddenly, he fell down because of the peach tree and dropped it on the roots of the peach tree. He was crying so sadly that two aunts heard it and came to him. They were looking at James with the full of meanness and told him to go and work. While he was working, aunts were screaming and singing because of the peach that was on the tree which did not have any peaches and flowers before. As the time passes, it got bigger and bigger which was very peculiar!

· What will happen next??  

I think that peculiar peach will grow as much as the human and become a friend of James who can do whatever he wants to do. They will become a best friend and James had a melancholy but he will become very happy. I also think that he will leave the two aunts and live with the peach that can do everything.

· How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    

At first, I felt very sorry for James that he lost his parents and had to live with two aunts who were very mean and nasty to James. It made me to realize that I have to be thankful that my parents are still alive who are necessary in my life. I became more curious about what will happen next!

· Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? 

 But I got a question when I was reading this book. Why usually all of the people who are stepmother or other people who are substituting appear to be mean and nasty? because there might be a lot of ways to lead the story which is unique.


December 12, 2007. 1.

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