On Tuesday, I woke up earlier in the morning because of the social project. When was in the school, I had such a normal school time but during the social class, I was so nervous because of the presentation of the social project. When I was presenting I was very nervous but especially when my teacher asked me some questions about it, I was very very nervous which made me to tremble. After the school, Meena had to stay in the school for something. Therefore, Eugenia and I stayed at the library to do some works that will need library. I did my tasks from the reading and writing class which was about the author. At 4 P.M., Meena walked slowly to us and we went to home together. Meena was gone and Eugenia and I walked to go to home. While we were walking there was a little store which was selling the “Ohdeng” which was very delicious. We were so hungry that I bought two of them for Eugenia and me. After that, I arrived at my home and started to do my work. Especially I studied for my mandarin test on Wednesday. I realized that learning another language is very hard because it made me to have a hard time to memorize every single characters and pinyin. I slept at 11:30 P.M. in the night because I was too tired.

  On Monday, I had such a busy and tired day. I had to finish my social project which was very huge for me, but I did not finish it even though the due day was Tuesday. Therefore, I almost used whole day by doing my social project. When I was watching the drama calls “Iesan,” I was so happy, nervous, and sad because there were a lot of situations that made me to feel in a lot of ways. When I was sleeping, time was passing very quickly and I had a happy time by sleeping.

  On Sunday, I learned that studying is not at all but we have to enjoy and attend other things that will help me even it is not visual. Therefore, I decided to go some where or do something that will help me throughout my whole life time but not only studying. I am very glad to learn this lesson.


December 12, 2007. 1.

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