On Monday, I woke up early in the morning because as a usual, I had to go to the school earlier to not to have tardy. For the algebra class, I got the test score from my teacher which was horrible. It was worst score I have ever had before. But she said we have a retest on Tuesday so I was very thankful. For the social class, I had the final test on Japan. It was quiet complicated but when I heard that I got all right, I was so happy! After the busy school, I was so tired but could not sleep when I arrived at my home because I had a lot of things to do. I tried to start my social project which was making a power point about my topic, but I could not concentrate so I decided to do it after I ate the supper. Therefore, I started to do other homework which I had a lot. Then my daddy and mommy came at 7 P.M. Therefore, I ate the supper with them very deliciously. After, I started to do my social studies project with the power point. I also solved the math problems with my daddy who is almost like a tutor for me. After all, I slept at 12 P.M. with the full of tiredness and woke up early in the morning at 5 A.M. to finish my social project.

  On Sunday, I could relax for the most among the other days because I just stayed at my home. But I had lot things to do and test was on Monday. Therefore, I still had to work and study for my grade. I was so happy that I could stay at my home with the full of happiness but also was very tired because these days are almost at the end of the semester that we get to have a lot of works to do.

  On Saturday, I learned that I should always be prepared for my work. Because when I went to the rehearsal for the clarinet duet concert, my partner did not even memorize it and practice it at least once! It was horrible because I have been practicing for about three months but my partner did not do anything! Therefore, I was so frustrated and learned that I should always be prepared for myself and others because it also might harm others.


December 11, 2007. 1.

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