On Sunday, I woke up late in the morning because I was so tired that I could not open my eyes. When I woke up, my parents were in a bad mood because of me. Therefore, we shared our conversation about the problems that we have to fix. After the conversation, I did not eat anything so far, so I ate the breakfast and lunch both at 2 P.M. After few minutes, my daddy asked me to go outside with my two dogs (Bebe and Choco) because they looked so irritated. When my daddy and I went out with doggies, it was very cold outside but had a great time playing with dogs. After a while, we came back to our home with the full of messy. Bebe and Choco were so messy because of the mud on the ground. Therefore, I took the floor cloth to clean them. After, I started to do some of my homework because I had a lot of things to do and also had test on Monday so I had to study for it. At 7 P.M., I ate the spaghetti with my parents. It was very delicious but I had a lot of it so I was very full. I chatted with my friends with the google chats and did some of my homework for the rest of my day. Also I solved the math problems which I am doing with my daddy for about forty minutes because my daddy wanted me to do. And finally, I slept at 12:30 P.M. with the full of the happiness.

  On Saturday, I had such a busy day which made me very tired. But it was such a special day because I had a rehearsal, went to bazaar, and watched the movie. First, I was very tired in the morning but when I arrived at the place where I could rehearsal the clarinet with the person who is playing the duet with me, I was very nervous because I realized that the real concert was coming up soon. After, when I went to GSIS bazaar, I was so interested and had an enormous time with my friends by doing a lot of activities. When I watched the movie with Meena, I was very impressed and it was very sad even though I watched it for twice. When I arrived back to my home, I was very tired and hungry. Therefore, I ate the supper late in the night with my daddy and slept with the full of tiredness.

  On Friday, I learned that practicing makes something perfect. When I got the music for the clarinet duet concert, I was very bad at it. Also the sound from my clarinet had very less quality. But later, after 2 moths, I became way better than the first time I practiced it. Therefore, I learned that even though I can not be perfect, if I practice hard and try my best, I can go to the place where is very near to the perfect.


December 10, 2007. 1.

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