On Saturday, I woke up at 9:30 A.M. because I had to go to the rehearsal for the clarinet concert. Also my parents had to go to Cheonan where my mom’s university is located. Therefore, my parents picked me up to the place where I can do the rehearsal with other students and the teacher. When I arrived, it was so crowded that I could not even breathe. A lot of students were there and started to practice one another and we had to choose the dress and the size for the concert. I met my partner who will play the duet song with me. And practiced together for a hour and later at 1:30 P.M., my rehearsal ended and went to GSIS Bazaar where I could enjoy. When I arrived there, I ate a lot, did face painting, did nail decoration, and bought something. It was very fun for me to play with other friends because it was very enjoyable. After, I went to the movie theater with Meena to see the movie called “August Rush.” I saw this once before but wanted to see again. I was very glad to see this movie with my precious friend. After all, I went to home and met my parents. I also did some of my homework because I was worried. And I slept at 2 A.M. in the morning by watching the television.

  On Friday, there were a lot of happy events for me. When I got the reward called “the Student of the Month,” I was so nervous but extremely happy because of getting a reward. During the Fun Friday time, when I was playing the basketball with my friends, I was so excited because my favorite sport is the basketball. Therefore, I enjoyed a lot. When the school ended, my old friends from ICS-P came to my school to play the basketball game so I was glad and impressed to meet my old friends in my school. When I went to outside to eat the “Ddukbokki” with Meena I was happy because she is my best friend and the person who I can tell everything. Therefore, we both counseled each other. After, I had to go to the clarinet lesson when I was very tired. But even though I was very tired, I did my best to memorize the song and practiced a lot. After all, I was so sleepy that I slept early.

  On Thursday, I learned that everything I do is very important. Because when I was performing the concert with the band students, I was so nervous and did not want to be on the stage, but when I was on the stage, I realized that each moment and event is very important for me to have in my life. I am very glad to realize that important lesson.


December 9, 2007. 1.

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  1. meenahuh replied:



    I had greattttttt time with u watching the movie!

    I was really sorry for what happened in the theater..T.T

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