On Friday, usually we had a homeroom in the morning but we had an assembly on Friday. During the assembly, Mrs. Brown called out the four people who will be getting the awards of the Student of the Month. When she was about to call the student from the 8th graders, I was wondering who will be the lucky student but did not even think that I will get it. However, Mrs. Brown called my name! I was so happy but very nervous and questioned why I became the Student of the Month for November. After that, we learned about the people who were bullied and how we can solve these problems. It was such a good time for me to learn about the “Wangta” in a detail. After the assembly, I had the shorten classes because Friday was the Fun Friday which I love. During the Fun Friday time, I played the basketball with my friends. Few minutes later, the people from ICS-P came to my school which I attended before to play the basketball game against GSIS. When the school ended, Meena and I went to the gym to see the game because there were my old friends. After few hours, we went out of the school to play together. Therefore, Meena and I went to the place where we can eat the “Ddukbokki” together. After, I had to go to the clarinet lesson to prepare for the concert on next week. I came to my home at 8 P.M. and slept early at 10:30 P.M.

  On Thursday, I had such a busy day because of a lot of tests and the concert which was held in GSIS. When I was having a reading and algebra tests, I was so nervous and worried about the scored that I will receive later, because both of them were very important subject for me. After that I was so happy because the test was all done for that week! When the school ended I was so happy but had to do the performance for the concert. I was very nervous but enjoyed a lot while I was playing the clarinet with other friends. After all, I was very proud of the band students and teachers because we had been practiced a lot for the concert. When I came to my home, I was so tired that I slept earlier.

  On Wednesday, when I was studying for a lot of tests on Thursday, I was having difficulties because of the pressures of studying that I was having a tough time. But when I was thinking about why I am studying, I had a power from my heart and learned that if you can not hide or get away from this event, you have to try to find the way to enjoy it. Therefore, from now, whatever I am doing, I will try my best to make it enjoyable and fun for myself.


December 8, 2007. 1.

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