Tiffany Lee 2007/12/7/Friday Journal 

  On Thursday, I had an algebra, and reading test which were very hard for me. I studied for those two subjects a lot and hoped the results would be good. After the school, we had a concert in the school. Therefore, I went to the band room with Wendy to practice and do the rehearsal. We went up to the auditorium with the full of excitement to do the rehearsal. When we were done with it, at 6 P.M., we went to the cafeteria to eat the supper It was very delicious and after I ate the supper with the full of happiness, I changed my clothes to the black and white for the concert. I usually do not like to wear the skirt, but I had to wear it yesterday because I had to perform on the stage. At 7 P.M., finally a lot of people came to watch our concert. And I played the clarinet with other friends. It was such an exciting time because the audiences also sang with us the carol. After all, when we were out of the building, it was snowing which was very pretty! My mom took Meena to her home because it was so dark at night. While my mom and I were going to our home, my mom said she wants to eat Ddduk-Bok-Ie. Therefore, we went to the small store where sole Ddduk-Bok-Ie and ate deliciously with the snow. After, we went to our home with the full of tiredness and I did my journal. I slept at 11 P.M. because I was so sleepy that made my eyes to be turned into red color.

  On Wednesday, I was so tired and got a lot of pressures because of the two major tests on Thursday. Even though I was exhausted I think I tried my best to study hard. When my mom came very earlier to home, I was so happy because usually I am very lonely when I stay at my home by myself but my mom came and she made the supper and took care of me. Therefore, I was so happy because I was cared by my mom.

  On Tuesday, when I was doing an after school activity with Ms. Bae and other friends, I learned that every single books or stories have a deep thought, a main idea and lessons which are hard to catch because it’s not described but very important and valuable things to find out. Before, whenever I read the book, I just thought about what happened rather than the deeper thought. But from now, I decided to try my best to find the theme, main idea, and the lessons from the story what I read.


December 7, 2007. 1.

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