Tiffany Lee 2007/12/6/Thursday Journal 

  On Wednesday, I had such a busy school day by learning a lot of lessons from each subject. After the school, I walked toward my home with Meena. When I was waiting for the bus, Meena waited together with me. When the bus came, I rode it and we were separated from each other. When I came to my home, I had a lot of test on Thursday so I started to unpack my bag to start to study. Therefore, I studied for the reading and algebra test on Thursday. After few hours, my mom came early at 5 P.M. I was so surprised because usually, mom comes late to our home but she came early on Wednesday. We ate the supper earlier because my daddy called us and told us that he will be late. After all, I studied hard for my tests but it was very hard. With the full of tiredness, I slept at 12 P.M. and woke up at 5 A.M. in the morning.

  On Tuesday, I had a busy day with the full of tiredness. When I came to my home, even though I was so sleepy, I knew that I have to finish all of my works so I tried my best to complete it. When my family members saw the drama, I was very sad, nervous, happy, impressed and felt other emotions because the drama had brought me a lot of emotions. At the end of the day, I was so sleepy but tried to overcome with it to complete my homework. After all, I slept with the full of tiredness.

  On Monday, I learned that organizing is much needed for me to organize my works and events these days. Because there are a lot of things and events that should be done by this month but I forgot to organize it so I was so confused what to do. Long time ago, when I checked my studying ability about how should I study, it said that I should organize and study. Therefore, from now, I will try my best to organize myself.


December 6, 2007. 1.

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