Tiffany Lee 2007/12/5/Wednesday Journal 

  On Tuesday, as a usual, I was late for the school because I had a lot of things to prepare to go to the school. Same as other days, the students in my homeroom started to practice the sign language for the song, “I Can Only Imagine.” After the homeroom, I had a busy and useful time by learning a lot of things for each subjects. After the school time, I had an after school activity with Ms. Bae and other friends to learn more because we have a test on Thursday. I learned a lot of things and got a lot of information which will help me to understand about the book a lot better than before. After all, Meena and I walked to each house and we separated. I rode the crowded bus to go to my home by myself which was very lonely. When I arrived at my home, I started to do some of my homework and also chatted with my friends especially with Meena about the birthday party. My daddy came at 8 P.M. so I ate the supper with my daddy. Soon, my mom came and joined us while we were eating. At 10 P.M., I watched the drama calls “Iesan” with my family which is one of my favorite dramas. Then I slept at 12:30 P.M. in the morning because I was not that sleepy.

  On Monday, I had an exciting and knowledgeable school day with a lot of knowledge. I was totally exhausted because when I looked at my schedule calendar, there were a lot events and things to do that I have to make sure to be done by this month. I was so stressed but I tried to think it positively, and made my mind to calm down. I was also very busy because of the school works and the test coming up soon. I had a tired but important day for me but I enjoyed a lot. I think everyday is very precious these days even I am too tired.

  On Sunday, when I saw the movie calls “August Rush,” I realized that there are still a lot of children who were thrown away from their parents. Because the main character was the child who was thrown but that child’s parents did not let him go there with the purpose because their grandfather sent him to an orphanage. Therefore, I learned that I have to be thankful to God that I have my own and precious mom and dad with me. Also I learned that I have to help a lot of orphans in the world so that they can have a better life.


December 5, 2007. 1.

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