Tiffany Lee 2007/12/04/Tueday Journal 

On Monday, I woke up earlier in the morning to go to the school which made me very sleepy. When I arrived at my homeroom class, we learned the sign language for the song calls “I Can Only Imagine.” I really liked to practice it because I love to learn the sign language. After that I had few classes which made me to learn a lot of things and during the social studies, we had a quiz about Japan which was quiet simple but needed some thoughts. After the school, Eugenia, Meena and I went to each one’s house. When I arrived at my home, I started to do some of my homework and did chat with my friends about everything. When I was chatting with Meena, we planned to have a birthday party together because our birthdays were much closed to each other. When we were planning, I realized that December is the most busy and hard month for me this time. Because when I checked my schedule, there were Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Concert in GSIS, Clarinet Concert, and other more big and important events were occurring. When my daddy came, we ate the dinner together deliciously. At 10 P.M., as a usual, we turned on the television and started to watch the drama calls, “Iesan,” which is our family’s favorite drama these days. And I slept at 1 A.M. in the morning because I washed out my tiredness by washing my face.

On Sunday, I felt very bored in the morning because after the church, I did not much do anything but stayed at home. However, when my family members went to the movie theater to see the movie called, “August Rush.” This movie was very impressive and sad that the movie made me cry. I also felt so good because of the movie which refreshed my feelings. When we went out to eat the ribs, I was so happy to have a great time with my family out of the house. When I arrived at my home, I was very tired and slept early which is my favorite!

On Saturday, when I stayed at my home and looked at my schedule calendar, I realized that I should organize myself especially for this month, because I have a lot of things and performances to do. And if I do not organize it, I might have a bad month so I tried my best to organize it.


December 4, 2007. 1.

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