Tiffany Lee 2007/12/3/Monday Journal 

  On Sunday, I woke up early in the morning because I had to go to the church. When I was awake, I was so sleepy because I slept late last night. I prepared to go to the church in Suwon, calls Central Baptist Church. I had a good time by having a good sermon from the pastor which was about the friendship. After all, I came to my home and ate the lunch which was made by my mom. It is very rare to eat a food made by my mom because she is always busy because of her works. After the lunch, I searched about what movies are on with my parents with my computer. There were a lot of good movies but we chose to see the movie called, “August Rush.” I cried because it was very impressive and some parts of the movie made me very sad. After the movie, we went to the place where we can eat ribs. While we were driving, my parents started to say that the movie was very nice, and I agreed with it! When we arrived there, I had such a great time by eating one of my favorite foods. As I expected, eating is my favorite thing to do. After all, we arrived at our house and turned the Christmas tree’s light on. It was very beautiful and I felt that my birthday and the real Christmas days were coming soon! I used rest of my day by doing some of my homework and chatting with my friends. I also told a lot of friends who are in my writing class that the verb test was cancelled. I was so sleepy at night so I slept at 12:30 P.M. in the night with the full of happiness.

  On Saturday, I was very happy that I could stay at my home for the whole day except I had to go the orchestra practice. I was kind of boring but tried to use all of my day by doing something that will help me to feel good such as chatting with my friends. When I was practicing a clarinet with my other friends, I felt like I had to practice more because all of the others were way better than me. When I arrived at my home, I was so sleepy because I was in a state of tension with others.

  On Friday, I learned that I always have to practice more than enough from my opinion. Because when I went to have the clarinet lesson, I memorized my songs for the concert on December 15th. Teacher told me that I have to practice more than what you think, because I might get nervous on the stage. Therefore, I decided to practice every single thing which will benefit me through out my life. And then as I practice, I hope I could improve more.


December 3, 2007. 1.

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