2007/12/03_Reading Blog_The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

Tiffany Lee 2007/12/3 Reading Blog 

· What happened??     

The giraffe, monkey, and pelican started to wash the windows. When they were actually going to start it, the Duke told them not to wash the top two windows because nobody could reach there and also the giraffe could not reach it. But the giraffe said they can do it and suddenly, it stretched its neck longer and longer and longer! Everyone was very surprised because it was very magical. They started to wash the Duke’s window cleanly by doing their best. Suddenly, all of the stopped washing the window and just looked at the room on the third floor. They saw the thief who was stealing the gold and jewelries from the Duke’s wife’s room. When the Duke was about to call the police officers, Pelican suddenly opened its wide and bendable beak to catch those people in the room who were going to steal the jewelries. The pelican’s beak was almost going to pop because there were few people. The Duke told Pelican to open the mouth to catch the thief but the Pelican did not open it because it knew that the thief had a gun which is dangerous. Suddenly, the sound of gun was heard with the fearfulness. Everyone was shocked because the Pelican’s beak had a hole which the thief shot the beak of the Pelican. Therefore, the giraffe asked the Pelican to shake the beak so that the thief would be dizzy. Therefore it shook it, and the Duke called the police officers to come. When they came, he asked the Pelican to open the beak therefore, it opened, and there was a thief with the gold and jewelries in the bag. The Duke and his wife were so happy that the thief was caught and said thank you to the animals. He asked them to stay with him and told them that he will provide all of the foods for them. He gave the pink and purple colored flowers for the giraffe, the river where a lot of fishes live for the pelican, the walnut trees for the monkey and the old building where Billy wanted to have a sweet candy shop for Billy and gave him the shop to make them control the shop. Billy and other animals had to be separated but had a great experience together.

· What will happen next??  I think Billy’s sweet candy shop will become very famous that Willy Wonka will visit it because of the fame. And I think Billy will go to the Willy Wonka’s factory and get the company and factory with Charlie. Also the animals will be having a good time with the Duke by eating their food which are all rare.

· How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    As I was reading this book, it is very generous and mundane story but Roal Dahl described each part of the story very descriptive which made me more emotional. And the last part where the Billy opened his own sweet candy shop, I was very happy to see the candies of Willy Wonka’s. This book showed me the friendships so I really liked it.

· Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? I want to ask Billy how he felt when he got a lot of candies from other countries which the Duke ordered to make Billy to open the sweet candy shop. And also there were a lot of candies from the Willy Wonka’s factory so I want to ask how the candies did from there tasted like, because I really wanted to taste each one of candies when I read the book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”



December 3, 2007. 1.

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