Tiffany Lee 2007/12/1/Saturday Journal 

  On Friday, I woke up early in the morning to go to the school as a usual. When I was in the school, I learned a lot of things from the teachers which was very precious. During the G block which was reading class, I went to the music class with other few students because we had to practice the clarinet for orchestra team not a band team. I had a good time with them who were very good at playing their own instrument. After the school, I went to the place we can enjoy, drink and eat calls “Vitamin” with Rachel and Meena. We firstly went to Meena’s house to get something and went straight to the place where we could enjoy. We ate a lot of delicious things and talked a lot which I love to do. After I enjoyed, I had to go to the clarinet lesson so I came out of the store earlier than others. When I was arrived at the place where I take the clarinet lesson, it was 6 P.M. I played and practiced my clarinet because our performances are coming soon which is on December. After that, I came to my home, and I played a lot by myself because it was Friday!

  On Thursday, I was having a same day as others. Therefore, there were no special events but I just stayed at my room by doing a lot of things like homework and chatting with my friends. It was such a normal day but I enjoyed it because I did a lot of things which I loved to do. And also as a usual, I was very sleepy because of the school work and got some pressures because of the school works.

  On Wednesday, during the student council meeting, I learned and realized that as one of the members of student council association, I need to be a role model of other students by always doing the right things, because student council association is the group of students who represent the students. Therefore, I will work hard and do only right things from now.


December 1, 2007. 1.

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