2007/12/12/Wednesday_Reading Blog_James and the Giant Peach

· What happened??     

 Long time ago, there was James Henry who was living very happily with his kind and gentle parents. They lived in the beautiful house beside the beach and James could play with his friends in the beach. Then, one day, James’s parents went to London to do some shopping, and they suddenly got eaten up by an enormous angry rhinoceros which had escaped from the zoo in London. Therefore, James became alone with the full of sadness. After, James had to live with Aunt Sponge, and Aunt Spiker who were very mean and nasty on the top of a high hill in the south of England. Two aunts were being very mean to James that they called him a nasty little beast, forced him to work every time, and did not allow him to go farther away to the beach. He always had to stay alone by himself and looked at the garden which had one giant peach tree which has never had the peaches or flowers before for a long time. After few days, a peculiar thing happened which was held in the garden. Suddenly, Aunt Sponge and Spiker forced James to work for them and while he was working his arm hurt a lot and was very tired. Therefore, he asked two aunts to go out to the beach to enjoy but he got rejected and they forced him to get out of their views. While he was in the garden and crying, suddenly, an old man who looked very weird came to James and asked him to come near him. Therefore, James went to him and suddenly an old man showed James something that was very pretty like a diamond. Therefore, James asked the old man what is it with the full of the curiosity. He explained James that it is mixture of crocodile tongues, the eyeballs of a lizard, the beak of a green parrot, the juice of a porcupine and three spoonfuls of sugar. He also told James to drink this then peculiar thing will happen without James’s enemies, two aunts. When an old man left, James took it carefully and tried to drink it. But suddenly, he fell down because of the peach tree and dropped it on the roots of the peach tree. He was crying so sadly that two aunts heard it and came to him. They were looking at James with the full of meanness and told him to go and work. While he was working, aunts were screaming and singing because of the peach that was on the tree which did not have any peaches and flowers before. As the time passes, it got bigger and bigger which was very peculiar!

· What will happen next??  

I think that peculiar peach will grow as much as the human and become a friend of James who can do whatever he wants to do. They will become a best friend and James had a melancholy but he will become very happy. I also think that he will leave the two aunts and live with the peach that can do everything.

· How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    

At first, I felt very sorry for James that he lost his parents and had to live with two aunts who were very mean and nasty to James. It made me to realize that I have to be thankful that my parents are still alive who are necessary in my life. I became more curious about what will happen next!

· Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? 

 But I got a question when I was reading this book. Why usually all of the people who are stepmother or other people who are substituting appear to be mean and nasty? because there might be a lot of ways to lead the story which is unique.


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  On Tuesday, I woke up earlier in the morning because of the social project. When was in the school, I had such a normal school time but during the social class, I was so nervous because of the presentation of the social project. When I was presenting I was very nervous but especially when my teacher asked me some questions about it, I was very very nervous which made me to tremble. After the school, Meena had to stay in the school for something. Therefore, Eugenia and I stayed at the library to do some works that will need library. I did my tasks from the reading and writing class which was about the author. At 4 P.M., Meena walked slowly to us and we went to home together. Meena was gone and Eugenia and I walked to go to home. While we were walking there was a little store which was selling the “Ohdeng” which was very delicious. We were so hungry that I bought two of them for Eugenia and me. After that, I arrived at my home and started to do my work. Especially I studied for my mandarin test on Wednesday. I realized that learning another language is very hard because it made me to have a hard time to memorize every single characters and pinyin. I slept at 11:30 P.M. in the night because I was too tired.

  On Monday, I had such a busy and tired day. I had to finish my social project which was very huge for me, but I did not finish it even though the due day was Tuesday. Therefore, I almost used whole day by doing my social project. When I was watching the drama calls “Iesan,” I was so happy, nervous, and sad because there were a lot of situations that made me to feel in a lot of ways. When I was sleeping, time was passing very quickly and I had a happy time by sleeping.

  On Sunday, I learned that studying is not at all but we have to enjoy and attend other things that will help me even it is not visual. Therefore, I decided to go some where or do something that will help me throughout my whole life time but not only studying. I am very glad to learn this lesson.

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  On Monday, I woke up early in the morning because as a usual, I had to go to the school earlier to not to have tardy. For the algebra class, I got the test score from my teacher which was horrible. It was worst score I have ever had before. But she said we have a retest on Tuesday so I was very thankful. For the social class, I had the final test on Japan. It was quiet complicated but when I heard that I got all right, I was so happy! After the busy school, I was so tired but could not sleep when I arrived at my home because I had a lot of things to do. I tried to start my social project which was making a power point about my topic, but I could not concentrate so I decided to do it after I ate the supper. Therefore, I started to do other homework which I had a lot. Then my daddy and mommy came at 7 P.M. Therefore, I ate the supper with them very deliciously. After, I started to do my social studies project with the power point. I also solved the math problems with my daddy who is almost like a tutor for me. After all, I slept at 12 P.M. with the full of tiredness and woke up early in the morning at 5 A.M. to finish my social project.

  On Sunday, I could relax for the most among the other days because I just stayed at my home. But I had lot things to do and test was on Monday. Therefore, I still had to work and study for my grade. I was so happy that I could stay at my home with the full of happiness but also was very tired because these days are almost at the end of the semester that we get to have a lot of works to do.

  On Saturday, I learned that I should always be prepared for my work. Because when I went to the rehearsal for the clarinet duet concert, my partner did not even memorize it and practice it at least once! It was horrible because I have been practicing for about three months but my partner did not do anything! Therefore, I was so frustrated and learned that I should always be prepared for myself and others because it also might harm others.

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  On Sunday, I woke up late in the morning because I was so tired that I could not open my eyes. When I woke up, my parents were in a bad mood because of me. Therefore, we shared our conversation about the problems that we have to fix. After the conversation, I did not eat anything so far, so I ate the breakfast and lunch both at 2 P.M. After few minutes, my daddy asked me to go outside with my two dogs (Bebe and Choco) because they looked so irritated. When my daddy and I went out with doggies, it was very cold outside but had a great time playing with dogs. After a while, we came back to our home with the full of messy. Bebe and Choco were so messy because of the mud on the ground. Therefore, I took the floor cloth to clean them. After, I started to do some of my homework because I had a lot of things to do and also had test on Monday so I had to study for it. At 7 P.M., I ate the spaghetti with my parents. It was very delicious but I had a lot of it so I was very full. I chatted with my friends with the google chats and did some of my homework for the rest of my day. Also I solved the math problems which I am doing with my daddy for about forty minutes because my daddy wanted me to do. And finally, I slept at 12:30 P.M. with the full of the happiness.

  On Saturday, I had such a busy day which made me very tired. But it was such a special day because I had a rehearsal, went to bazaar, and watched the movie. First, I was very tired in the morning but when I arrived at the place where I could rehearsal the clarinet with the person who is playing the duet with me, I was very nervous because I realized that the real concert was coming up soon. After, when I went to GSIS bazaar, I was so interested and had an enormous time with my friends by doing a lot of activities. When I watched the movie with Meena, I was very impressed and it was very sad even though I watched it for twice. When I arrived back to my home, I was very tired and hungry. Therefore, I ate the supper late in the night with my daddy and slept with the full of tiredness.

  On Friday, I learned that practicing makes something perfect. When I got the music for the clarinet duet concert, I was very bad at it. Also the sound from my clarinet had very less quality. But later, after 2 moths, I became way better than the first time I practiced it. Therefore, I learned that even though I can not be perfect, if I practice hard and try my best, I can go to the place where is very near to the perfect.

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  On Saturday, I woke up at 9:30 A.M. because I had to go to the rehearsal for the clarinet concert. Also my parents had to go to Cheonan where my mom’s university is located. Therefore, my parents picked me up to the place where I can do the rehearsal with other students and the teacher. When I arrived, it was so crowded that I could not even breathe. A lot of students were there and started to practice one another and we had to choose the dress and the size for the concert. I met my partner who will play the duet song with me. And practiced together for a hour and later at 1:30 P.M., my rehearsal ended and went to GSIS Bazaar where I could enjoy. When I arrived there, I ate a lot, did face painting, did nail decoration, and bought something. It was very fun for me to play with other friends because it was very enjoyable. After, I went to the movie theater with Meena to see the movie called “August Rush.” I saw this once before but wanted to see again. I was very glad to see this movie with my precious friend. After all, I went to home and met my parents. I also did some of my homework because I was worried. And I slept at 2 A.M. in the morning by watching the television.

  On Friday, there were a lot of happy events for me. When I got the reward called “the Student of the Month,” I was so nervous but extremely happy because of getting a reward. During the Fun Friday time, when I was playing the basketball with my friends, I was so excited because my favorite sport is the basketball. Therefore, I enjoyed a lot. When the school ended, my old friends from ICS-P came to my school to play the basketball game so I was glad and impressed to meet my old friends in my school. When I went to outside to eat the “Ddukbokki” with Meena I was happy because she is my best friend and the person who I can tell everything. Therefore, we both counseled each other. After, I had to go to the clarinet lesson when I was very tired. But even though I was very tired, I did my best to memorize the song and practiced a lot. After all, I was so sleepy that I slept early.

  On Thursday, I learned that everything I do is very important. Because when I was performing the concert with the band students, I was so nervous and did not want to be on the stage, but when I was on the stage, I realized that each moment and event is very important for me to have in my life. I am very glad to realize that important lesson.

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  On Friday, usually we had a homeroom in the morning but we had an assembly on Friday. During the assembly, Mrs. Brown called out the four people who will be getting the awards of the Student of the Month. When she was about to call the student from the 8th graders, I was wondering who will be the lucky student but did not even think that I will get it. However, Mrs. Brown called my name! I was so happy but very nervous and questioned why I became the Student of the Month for November. After that, we learned about the people who were bullied and how we can solve these problems. It was such a good time for me to learn about the “Wangta” in a detail. After the assembly, I had the shorten classes because Friday was the Fun Friday which I love. During the Fun Friday time, I played the basketball with my friends. Few minutes later, the people from ICS-P came to my school which I attended before to play the basketball game against GSIS. When the school ended, Meena and I went to the gym to see the game because there were my old friends. After few hours, we went out of the school to play together. Therefore, Meena and I went to the place where we can eat the “Ddukbokki” together. After, I had to go to the clarinet lesson to prepare for the concert on next week. I came to my home at 8 P.M. and slept early at 10:30 P.M.

  On Thursday, I had such a busy day because of a lot of tests and the concert which was held in GSIS. When I was having a reading and algebra tests, I was so nervous and worried about the scored that I will receive later, because both of them were very important subject for me. After that I was so happy because the test was all done for that week! When the school ended I was so happy but had to do the performance for the concert. I was very nervous but enjoyed a lot while I was playing the clarinet with other friends. After all, I was very proud of the band students and teachers because we had been practiced a lot for the concert. When I came to my home, I was so tired that I slept earlier.

  On Wednesday, when I was studying for a lot of tests on Thursday, I was having difficulties because of the pressures of studying that I was having a tough time. But when I was thinking about why I am studying, I had a power from my heart and learned that if you can not hide or get away from this event, you have to try to find the way to enjoy it. Therefore, from now, whatever I am doing, I will try my best to make it enjoyable and fun for myself.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/7/Friday Journal 

  On Thursday, I had an algebra, and reading test which were very hard for me. I studied for those two subjects a lot and hoped the results would be good. After the school, we had a concert in the school. Therefore, I went to the band room with Wendy to practice and do the rehearsal. We went up to the auditorium with the full of excitement to do the rehearsal. When we were done with it, at 6 P.M., we went to the cafeteria to eat the supper It was very delicious and after I ate the supper with the full of happiness, I changed my clothes to the black and white for the concert. I usually do not like to wear the skirt, but I had to wear it yesterday because I had to perform on the stage. At 7 P.M., finally a lot of people came to watch our concert. And I played the clarinet with other friends. It was such an exciting time because the audiences also sang with us the carol. After all, when we were out of the building, it was snowing which was very pretty! My mom took Meena to her home because it was so dark at night. While my mom and I were going to our home, my mom said she wants to eat Ddduk-Bok-Ie. Therefore, we went to the small store where sole Ddduk-Bok-Ie and ate deliciously with the snow. After, we went to our home with the full of tiredness and I did my journal. I slept at 11 P.M. because I was so sleepy that made my eyes to be turned into red color.

  On Wednesday, I was so tired and got a lot of pressures because of the two major tests on Thursday. Even though I was exhausted I think I tried my best to study hard. When my mom came very earlier to home, I was so happy because usually I am very lonely when I stay at my home by myself but my mom came and she made the supper and took care of me. Therefore, I was so happy because I was cared by my mom.

  On Tuesday, when I was doing an after school activity with Ms. Bae and other friends, I learned that every single books or stories have a deep thought, a main idea and lessons which are hard to catch because it’s not described but very important and valuable things to find out. Before, whenever I read the book, I just thought about what happened rather than the deeper thought. But from now, I decided to try my best to find the theme, main idea, and the lessons from the story what I read.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/6/Thursday Journal 

  On Wednesday, I had such a busy school day by learning a lot of lessons from each subject. After the school, I walked toward my home with Meena. When I was waiting for the bus, Meena waited together with me. When the bus came, I rode it and we were separated from each other. When I came to my home, I had a lot of test on Thursday so I started to unpack my bag to start to study. Therefore, I studied for the reading and algebra test on Thursday. After few hours, my mom came early at 5 P.M. I was so surprised because usually, mom comes late to our home but she came early on Wednesday. We ate the supper earlier because my daddy called us and told us that he will be late. After all, I studied hard for my tests but it was very hard. With the full of tiredness, I slept at 12 P.M. and woke up at 5 A.M. in the morning.

  On Tuesday, I had a busy day with the full of tiredness. When I came to my home, even though I was so sleepy, I knew that I have to finish all of my works so I tried my best to complete it. When my family members saw the drama, I was very sad, nervous, happy, impressed and felt other emotions because the drama had brought me a lot of emotions. At the end of the day, I was so sleepy but tried to overcome with it to complete my homework. After all, I slept with the full of tiredness.

  On Monday, I learned that organizing is much needed for me to organize my works and events these days. Because there are a lot of things and events that should be done by this month but I forgot to organize it so I was so confused what to do. Long time ago, when I checked my studying ability about how should I study, it said that I should organize and study. Therefore, from now, I will try my best to organize myself.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/5/Wednesday Journal 

  On Tuesday, as a usual, I was late for the school because I had a lot of things to prepare to go to the school. Same as other days, the students in my homeroom started to practice the sign language for the song, “I Can Only Imagine.” After the homeroom, I had a busy and useful time by learning a lot of things for each subjects. After the school time, I had an after school activity with Ms. Bae and other friends to learn more because we have a test on Thursday. I learned a lot of things and got a lot of information which will help me to understand about the book a lot better than before. After all, Meena and I walked to each house and we separated. I rode the crowded bus to go to my home by myself which was very lonely. When I arrived at my home, I started to do some of my homework and also chatted with my friends especially with Meena about the birthday party. My daddy came at 8 P.M. so I ate the supper with my daddy. Soon, my mom came and joined us while we were eating. At 10 P.M., I watched the drama calls “Iesan” with my family which is one of my favorite dramas. Then I slept at 12:30 P.M. in the morning because I was not that sleepy.

  On Monday, I had an exciting and knowledgeable school day with a lot of knowledge. I was totally exhausted because when I looked at my schedule calendar, there were a lot events and things to do that I have to make sure to be done by this month. I was so stressed but I tried to think it positively, and made my mind to calm down. I was also very busy because of the school works and the test coming up soon. I had a tired but important day for me but I enjoyed a lot. I think everyday is very precious these days even I am too tired.

  On Sunday, when I saw the movie calls “August Rush,” I realized that there are still a lot of children who were thrown away from their parents. Because the main character was the child who was thrown but that child’s parents did not let him go there with the purpose because their grandfather sent him to an orphanage. Therefore, I learned that I have to be thankful to God that I have my own and precious mom and dad with me. Also I learned that I have to help a lot of orphans in the world so that they can have a better life.

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Tiffany Lee 2007/12/04/Tueday Journal 

On Monday, I woke up earlier in the morning to go to the school which made me very sleepy. When I arrived at my homeroom class, we learned the sign language for the song calls “I Can Only Imagine.” I really liked to practice it because I love to learn the sign language. After that I had few classes which made me to learn a lot of things and during the social studies, we had a quiz about Japan which was quiet simple but needed some thoughts. After the school, Eugenia, Meena and I went to each one’s house. When I arrived at my home, I started to do some of my homework and did chat with my friends about everything. When I was chatting with Meena, we planned to have a birthday party together because our birthdays were much closed to each other. When we were planning, I realized that December is the most busy and hard month for me this time. Because when I checked my schedule, there were Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Concert in GSIS, Clarinet Concert, and other more big and important events were occurring. When my daddy came, we ate the dinner together deliciously. At 10 P.M., as a usual, we turned on the television and started to watch the drama calls, “Iesan,” which is our family’s favorite drama these days. And I slept at 1 A.M. in the morning because I washed out my tiredness by washing my face.

On Sunday, I felt very bored in the morning because after the church, I did not much do anything but stayed at home. However, when my family members went to the movie theater to see the movie called, “August Rush.” This movie was very impressive and sad that the movie made me cry. I also felt so good because of the movie which refreshed my feelings. When we went out to eat the ribs, I was so happy to have a great time with my family out of the house. When I arrived at my home, I was very tired and slept early which is my favorite!

On Saturday, when I stayed at my home and looked at my schedule calendar, I realized that I should organize myself especially for this month, because I have a lot of things and performances to do. And if I do not organize it, I might have a bad month so I tried my best to organize it.

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