Tiffany Lee 2007/11/30/Friday Journal 

  On Thursday, during the school time, my friends and I had a problem with the friendship. Therefore, it passed very quickly by having a hard time. During the reading class, I took the reading comprehension test which was very hard for me. After the school, I straightly went to my home by riding the bus by myself. When I was arrived, I was so stressed because I realized that I have a lot of things to do for this month. Therefore, I opened my laptop and started my works. After the work, I made the poster which was about my profile from the mandarin class. I put many pictures and decorated because I felt like I had to make the poster. When I was done, my mom came at 7 P.M. and ate the dinner with my mom which was my favorite. After the supper, my mom said she will go to a business trip with other professors early in the morning to Busan and will come back on late Saturday. Therefore, I helped her to pack things up and I even lend her my cute bag because she asked me to borrow. I chatted with my friends about a lot of things going on these days. And I did my favorite thing which was to sleep!

  On Wednesday, I was not feeling well because I was too tired and worried about a lot of things. When I was walking, I saw that my apartment was colored with the weird pink color which was very odd. I wanted to change it again because I wanted it to look very gentle and graceful. Therefore, I was very disappointed with the color. When I came to my home, as a usual, I got a lot of pressures because of homework, tests, and projects I had so far. And I was so sleepy during the night time as a usual.

  On Tuesday, I learned that I can find the joyfulness among the toughness and hardness in my life. When my daddy came at night, I told my daddy that I am having such a hard time these days. Then suddenly, he told me to find the happiness among them because, because of the toughness of life, your life is more fun exciting. Therefore, I realized the important lesson in my life.


November 30, 2007. 1.

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