2007/11/29/Thursday_Reading Blog_The Giraffe and the Pelly, and Me.

· What happened??     Long time ago, there was a queer old building which was very close to the main character, Billy’s house. One morning, Billy saw the letters saying “for sale” on the wall. He was curious who will buy that queer building so he went there for every single day. One day, the letters saying “for sale” was gone and he was very curious about who moved there. When Billy was waiting for someone to come out of the building, suddenly, the bathtub was dropping and crashing on the floor which came out from the second floor’s window of the building. And also later on, a lot of things were coming out of the same place. Therefore, Billy asked who are there but there was no answer with the silence. So he went to his house and decided to come again in the morning.  Next morning, as his decision, he came in the morning to the queer old building. And he first recognized that the door of the building has changed to the red color and it was very high that he could not even see the top of the door. Also, there was a sigh saying, “The Ladderless Window-Cleaning.” Suddenly, one pretty giraffe, tough pelican, and silly monkey came out of the window by showing their faces. All of them were looking at Billy with the weird expressions. Soon, a pretty giraffe asked pelican to take Billy to up high so that the giraffe could see. Therefore, the pelican went down to take Billy. The pelican opened its mouse to come in but Billy could not trust Pelican because it might harm Billy with its beak. Therefore, he refused to go there; therefore, the pelican showed the magic with its beak which the beak was bendable. Billy was persuaded by them and went up high where giraffe is with the pelican. When Billy arrived, the pretty giraffe asked Billy to help to earn much money, because they had to eat something but they did not have much money to get some foods which they needed. Suddenly, the chauffeur came to the building where Billy and other animals were and started to read the letter from the duke of Hampshire which was asking the animals to come to his house to clean hundred of windows. They were so happy to get the letters and went to the place where the duke lived with Billy’s instruction. When they were arrived, the shouting sound was coming out of the garden who was the duke. He was asking his servant to get a cherry which was at the top of the tree that the servant could not reach it. Therefore, the animals and Billy went there and tried to take those cherries. The duke was so upset that they would eat his cherries therefore he asked his servant to get a gun. The animals did best to get all of the cherries to give it to the duke and they made it! The duke was very surprised and asked them who they are. Therefore, they told the duke that they are the window cleaner and started to clean the windows of the duke’s. 

·  What will happen next??  I think the animals and Billy will finish their work perfectly and quickly. Therefore, they got to have their own foods. Suddenly, they will become famous that they can have enough food for themselves. And also I think they will give much money to Billy who helped them a lot.

·  How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    As I was reading this book, I learned that they were very cooperative and warm hearted to everyone. And also it was a fantastic idea to use giraffe as a ladder, pelican as a can where they could put water in it, and the monkey as an animal which cleans the window. And they looked very good to me because they always do their best to earn much money. 

·  Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? I want to ask to the author of this story whose name is Roald Dahl. The question is, how can you write the story very creatively and excitingly through the plots and the characters? I have written few stories, but it was very hard to make it as a perfect product. I am so curious about the answer. 


November 29, 2007. 1.

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