Tiffany Lee 2007/11/28/Wednesday Journal 

  On Tuesday, I woke up late in the morning because I went to the Lotte World on Monday which made me to have less energy. After the normal classes, I had such a fun and helpful after school activity with Ms. Bae. We learned and went through about Mrs. Flowers because we have test on Thursday. When it was done, Meena and I decided to go to “Vitamin,” where we can eat cake, waffle, and drinks. We ate and drank a lot because we were very hungry. We talked about what is going on these days and had a good conversation. We were finally separated at 6 P.M. and I arrived at my home very soon. When I arrived, I did my homework which was very little. But I had to study for the spelling test but did not have much time.  I ate the supper with my daddy at 7 P.M. without mom because my mom was working at her university. My family members watched drama which calls “Iesan”at 10 P.M. which is my family’s favorite drama. And I slept at 12 P.M. which is earlier because I could not handle my tiredness.

  On Monday, I was very happy to go to the Lotte World with my friends which I liked it much. I threw almost all of my stresses there by screaming. I also felt that the time was going very quickly because I was having such a good time. And also every single minute was very precious for me. When I arrived at my home, I was so sleepy because I walked and screamed a lot there in the Lotte World. I did some of my homework which I had not finished. And rest of my day passed without any troubles. I also was waiting to go to the school but worried about the school because I will be having a lot of homework from Tuesday.

  On Sunday, I learned that I should be the prayer of God. In the past, I did not pray a lot. But in the church, I learned about the importance of the prayer. Therefore, I decided to pray a lot at least six times per day. I also realized that I should be communicating more with God because he will give me a lot of knowledge and love.


November 28, 2007. 1.

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