Tiffany Lee 2007/11/27/Tuesday Journal 

  On Monday, in the morning, I woke up early to prepare to go to the Lotte World with Meena, Eugenia, and Rachel. At 8 A.M., Meena’s daddy came in front of my apartment to take Eugenia and me and then he took Rachel up. We arrived at the Lotte World at around 10 A.M. because the traffic was jammed. When we arrived there, to buy a ticket, we saw Chris Cha, and Alvin Choi who were buying a ticket. When we first got there, we put our coats and umbrellas in the place where we could put things in by putting 1,000 won in. We rode a lot of fun things with the full of excitement and I enjoyed a lot. There were a lot of people who were waiting to ride the most excite one. We also congratulated Rachel for her birthday by giving the presents to them. After having a good time by riding and taking a photo together, we left the Lotte World at 4:30 P.M. because I had to go home earlier. We rode the 1112 bus to go to Suwon where all of us live. We arrived at 6 P.M. which was not that late. When I came to my home, I did my last homework and had a great time with my family. I also watched the drama called “Iesan”with my family. And I was so sleepy that I slept at 12:30 A.M. in the morning.

  On Sunday, I had a great time in the church because I heard such knowledgeable words from our pastor which will be very helpful for us through the lifetime. Sunday was also a busy day by going to grand parents’ house. I was so thankful to them because they made a lot of kimchi for us. But also I was so happy because kimchi is my favorite food and it was very delicious! When we came back to our home, I was so happy because I could relax the most. I ate the supper a lot because of the new kimchi and had a great time with my family members.

  On Saturday, I learned that everything needs the effort of mine because whenever I play clarinet, if I do not put all of my effort in it, the song sounds very heavy and dull. But when I put all of my efforts and accents in it, the song becomes very light and joyful. Even though I am doing the little thing, I should put all of my effort which is my current goal.


November 27, 2007. 1.

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