Tiffany Lee 2007/11/25/Sunday Journal 

  On Saturday, because it was a holiday and I was very tired by staying in the police office, I woke up late in the morning. When I woke up, I ate the breakfast with my mommy. My daddy was gone to work. I watched television and played the game. Also I did some of my homework. I enjoyed Saturday because I could do whatever I wanted to do. At 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, I ate the dinner which was very early but I had to because I had an orchestra practice at 6:20 P.M. My mom drove me to the place where I practice and I arrived there at the exact time. I met my friends and teacher. I prepared my clarinet, music and the stand which make me able to see the music. I practiced it for about three hours and had such a good time. After that, my daddy came and took me to our home. When I arrived at my home, I downloaded the mini game in my cell phone because my friend told me that it is such a fun game to play. I was able to download and played it for a while. After that, my mom and dad suggested me to play game together which was very good for our health. The only thing we do for the game was doing a rock-scissor-paper and the person who lost had to do some exercises in front of others so that we can exercise. And I slept at 1 A.M. by watching television which made me very tired.

  On Friday, I had such a good but horrible, and fearful day. I had fun time when I was in a school because it was a half day and there were only three classes to attend. After it, I had to ride the bus to go to the Lotte World in Seoul. While I was going, I dreamed about my old friends how will they look like because we have not seen each other for long time. When I met them I was so happy to meet them and see them again. After an exciting time, the fearful and horrible time was waiting for my friends and me. When we were waiting for the bus to go to our home at 8 P.M., one wired, strange and dangerous man who was drunken hit my friend with the umbrella. Therefore, we were so fearful and irritated because my friend got hurt. Some people who saw that situation called the police and I was very impressed and thankful to them because even though they have their schedule, they spent much time for us and one of them gave us 10,000 won to buy a medicine. I was almost crying because of their kindness. When we went to the police office and waited for my friend, I was so afraid and scared because there were a lot of people who were arrested and coming in to the police office. When everything was done and my friend went to the hospital, I felt sorry for my friend and while I was going to my home, I was very sleepy because it was about one A.M. in the morning.

  On Thursday, when I was watching the little chick coming out of its egg, I was so surprised. And I learned that everything in the world should be cared and think that each one of them is very precious. Also I learned that I have to be thankful to God because everything in the world is in the order which made me to be here right now.


November 25, 2007. 1.

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