Tiffany Lee 2007-11-24-Saturday Journal


  On Friday, I had such a fun time but in the other hand; I had a fearful and frustrating day. In the morning, I wake up earlier and went to the school. It was a half day so the classes were all shorten. I also saw the little chicks in Mr. MacRaild’s room. They were so cute and little. After the school, I went to my home to be ready to go to Lotte World with my old friends together. We have not seen each other for long time so I was dreamed of it. It took about an hour to go to the place where we decided to meet. When I arrived there, I called my friends and I met all of the girls and boys from my old school. Even though it was raining and had a gloomy sky, we had such a fun time in the Lotte World by riding many things and talking each other. After we separated from boys and girls, girls went to the Kyobo Stationery where we could by the books and stationeries which were very attractive. We had such a fun time by buying and window shopping together. At the last, we had to go to the Kang Nam station because there was the bus station which led us to go to each one’s house. While we were waiting, we talked together a lot of things which are going on these days. Suddenly, one old man right next to us hit one of my friends who’s name is Hee Jung with the umbrella. We did not know why did he hit my friend but I assume that he was drunken. Hee Jung started to cry and got a wound on her nose which was serious. And her nose was not in a right place, it was in a slightly different place where it was supposed to be. Therefore, the people who saw that situation were keeping on asking him to apologize to my friend with the anger. But he did not do that and kept saying weird things which were not related to that situation. Therefore, people who helped us called the police and the police came soon. When the police came, the man who hit my friend was being very rude by smoking in front of the policemen. My friends and I were so angry and frustrated because of the man who ruined our good day. My friend, the man who hit, and other policemen went to the police to investigate what was happened. We waited at the front of the police building. After few hours, my friend came out of the police with her daddy and went to the hospital to check her nose. I heard that the man who hit my friend was still in the police building to be investigated. I came to my home late in the midnight and slept late at 1:30 A.M.

  On Thursday, I usually had a lot of homework from my school, but I did not have much homework on Thursday because Friday was a half day and all of my homework was not supposed to be finished by Friday. I had a lot of time to relax and had a good time by chatting with my friends and listening to the music. When I saw the little chick hatching, it was so amazing and graceful to see that because it was wonderful. But the chick looked so weak and small that I felt like I had to make it to eat something. But it was such a good experience for me to see that.

  On Wednesday, I learned and felt that I always have to do my homework and preparing the test before the due date and so that you can study more affectively. Reason for it is if I don’t study but only before the due date, it makes me to have such a tired and hard time because of the work. I decided to work hard and always work even though it is not due tomorrow.


November 24, 2007. 1.

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