Tiffany Lee 2007/11/23/Friday Journal 

 On Thursday, all of the classes were shorten because of the Fun Thursday. After the normal classes, every student in middle and high school to have a good time by playing dodge ball. Teachers also played it together with the students; therefore, it was more fun. After the school, Meena, Eugenia and I decided to go to somewhere we can have a good time together. Therefore, we decided to go to the “Buzz” where we can drink and eat something. We played and talked about all the things which are happening these days. About two hours later, we separated from each other and I went to my home. When I got to my home, I did not have any homework so I played for the whole day with the computer. During the midnight, I saw the first little chick coming out of the egg. I looked it for until 1 A.M. in the midnight. And I also could here Ms. Bae and Mr. MacRaild’s voice toward the little chick.

 On Wednesday, after the hard school for me, I had the clarinet lesson near my school. I was having very hard time there because at that particular time, I could not blow the instrument well which made me to have such a hard time. After it, I came to my home with the full of tiredness and studied for my tests and homework. Like other days, I had such a normal day on Wednesday.

 On Tuesday, when I was preparing the birthday cake for Ms. Bae with Elizabeth, I became surer with the fact that I feel good when I give other people something which will make me happy. Before, I thought getting something from others will be better than giving something. But I learned that it makes me happy when I give something to other people.


November 24, 2007. 1.

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