Tiffany Lee 2007/11/22/Thursday Journal  

On Wednesday, I had such a normal school day with my friends and teachers. During the class time, I was very sleepy but I think I learned a lot of thing from the teachers and even my friends. After the school day, I had a clarinet lesson with my teacher. I practiced the duet song that I will be performing on the stage on December. After that, I walked rapidly to my home because I had a lot of homework and test on Thursday. When I arrived at my home, I opened my laptop and started to do my homework and was able to do quickly. During the dinner time, my mom came early to my home; therefore, my mom and I are the delicious dinner together. Therefore, I used rest of my day by studying for the tests and did chat with my friends. I slept at 12 P.M. because I was too sleepy and decided to wake up early in the morning.

On Tuesday, after the normal fun school day, when I celebrated Ms. Bae’s birthday with Elizabeth, I was so happy that I could at least do something for Ms. Bae at that moment. It was so hard to make the candle but I had a good time. I had such a helpful time by having the after school activity. After all, I went to my home and had such a busy but sleepy time for a whole day. I need to have a time to relax because I am too exhausted. But I am waiting for the sweet half day on Friday and no school day on Monday!

On Monday, I learned that not only staying at home and study by myself or chatting with my friends in my room but helping and studying with my friend by sharing ideas together. I really liked to stay at my home doing my homework and chatting with my friends because I am very familiar with that which I mostly do. I realized that there are more varies methods to study in this world. I was very thankful to God to make me to realize such a good lesson.


November 22, 2007. 1.

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