Tiffany Lee 2007/11/21/Wednesday Journal 

  Yesterday, after the normal busy school, I had an after school activity. Meena had to do the late art work so Elizabeth and I were the only people who attended it. I heard the Elizabeth’s mom was on the first floor, so we went down. While we were going down, on the third floor, we realized that November 20th is Ms. Bae’s birthday. Therefore, we got much money from Elizabeth’s mom and went to the supermarket which was near our school. We bought a box of choco-pie and also, we went to the stationery to buy the candles. After buying things, we decided to go to Mr. MacRaild’s classroom to get a fire for the candle. When we were there, there was no Mr. MacRaild in his classroom; therefore, we went to Mr. Jacobsen’s classroom. He was very glad to help us so Elizabeth and I were very thankful to him. We got a fire and the candle was burning with the fire. We had to run fast to Ms. Bae’s room. Therefore, we ran a lot and even though the candles got shorter, it was successful. I was very happy to celebrate Ms. Bae’s birthday yesterday. During the after school activity, Ms. Bae, Elizabeth, and I read the story about “Mrs. Flowers” which we had the lesson of preparation which helped me a lot. After that, Meena called me that she is on the first floor, in the art room. Therefore, I went to the art room. There were Eugenia, Rachel, and Meena. I waited for them to finish their work. While I was waiting, Rachel went to her house with her daddy firstly. And then about few minutes later, we went to our home together. It was so cold outside and also there was a little bit of snow on the floor. Eugenia and I took the bus to go to our house. I think I had a great time with my friends yesterday. After that, I ate the dinner and did my homework like a usual. And saw the drama “Iesan” with my family member. I slept at 12 P.M. which is my favorite thing to do.

  On Monday, I was feeling very pressure and happy both together. When I was in the school, I got some pressures because also this week, I have a lot of tests and homework. I was trying not to get it, but I was getting it even though I did not know. I also had such a great time with Meena in the Hans where we can eat and drink something. We did not much study but at that time, I had such a great time without thinking about the test and many other things. As everyone knows, I am always tired because of less sleep. I think I better have more sleep time so that I can concentrate more during the class time.

  On Sunday, I learned how to be patient because, I had to wait for my mom because she was choosing her clothes and having much time. I was so bored and wanted to tell her that I want to go home but I decided not to. Because my mom had to buy clothes and if I said that, my mom will have the wounded heart and might keep worrying about me. Therefore, for my mom, I waited for her and chose the best clothes for her which I thought it was the best thing to do at that moment.


November 21, 2007. 1.

One Comment

  1. xmaryx replied:

    You should try to get some sleep!
    Everyone stays up so late these days, but it’s important for all of us that we try to sleep early as soon as possible.
    Your journal was interesting.
    Good job.


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