On Monday, I woke up late in the morning so I was late for the home room. After the normal school day, when I came to my home with Monica and Eugenia because she lives near my house. When I got to my home, I chatted with Meena with the serious problem. After we were talking about the serious problem, I realized that I have Meena’s important science note taking sheet. It was important for Meena because she said she has test on Tuesday. Therefore, we decided to meet each other at Hans where we could study together and eat cakes and teas. We met each other at 5: 20 P.M. and started to study together. But instead of studying, we played and saw the movie, “The High School Musical” which we both like to watch a lot. We had such a good time together and also Meena ate the sweet potato cake and I ate the walnut cake. We also ordered the Vanilla Latte without knowing that it was a kind of coffee. When I drank it, I did not know it was coffee. But it tasted like a coffee but Meena said it was not a coffee. But I know for sure it was a coffee, therefore, we did not drink at all. We left the Hans after two hours from when we met because I had to go home earlier which was about 7 P.M. When I arrived at my home, my parents came earlier and we ate the supper deliciously. About 9 P.M., all of my friends started to say that the snow was falling! Therefore, I looked at the window to check whether the snow was falling or not. And I could barely see the snow falling. At 10 P.M. all of my family members including me saw “Iesan” together which we love to do. And I slept at 12 P.M. last night with the full of tiredness.

  On Sunday, I had such a busy day because I went two places which were far away from where I live. During the morning, I had such a good time and relaxed a lot which I love to do. But when I went to the department store for my mom, I had to take care about myself which is the manner and then I had to look my mom’s clothes because my mom kept asking me whether the clothe is pretty or not. Therefore, I was so sleepy. When my mom and I were arrived at the beauty salon, I was so excited because I wanted to change my hair style long time before but I did not. So I kept imagining my hair style. When it was done, I really liked it but it was very similar to the ones before. I think I had such a fun but tired Sunday.

  On Saturday, I learned something that I knew before but forgot it for a while. When my old friend came to my home all of the sudden, I realized that friends are very important in my life and therefore, I have to keep contact them through cell phone or any other methods. And also I learned that I have to be the person who encourages other people a lot because my old friend encouraged me a lot in many ways so I decided to be the friend like her. For the goal, I am always trying to achieve my goals. I read the articles and many magazines to improve my English skill and try my best with everything I do.


November 20, 2007. 1.

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