On Sunday, I had such a busy day by because of I had to go many places. In the morning, I woke up late but I was sick so I could not go to the church. My mom and dad either did not go to the church because they felt not good. They stayed home and kept looking at their cell phones which were new. I was doing my homework and my daddy went out for the work. My mom and I were eating the lunch together and left the house at 2 P.M. to go to the department store in JukJon which is near Suwon to change my moms clothes to new one because she wanted to change it. Only my mom bought clothes and changed the clothes with the new one. When we decided to go out, we went to the place where celled a lot of food. We bought a big steamed bun and a fruit juice. We drank it and ate it very deliciously in the car. We did not have much time to eat in the department store because we had to cut our hair in the beauty salon. We arrived there at 6 P.M. and I got cut my hair. My mom also got cut and additional, she dyed her hair with the brown color. I came to my home and I was so sleepy that I washed my face and slept at 11 P.M. This is how my lovely Sunday ended.

  On Saturday, I had such a good time by relaxing at home. In the morning, I did some of my homework and had a good time and fun by watching the movie which was my favorite. When my old friend came to my house, I was very glad to see her because we did not get to see each other for a long time. I ate the supper with my family outside deliciously. Mostly, I could relax for almost whole day and that was what I needed to do for my health.

  On Friday, when I and my friends who live in Suwon were finding my daddy, all of us did not have cell phone. I had two packs of battery but both of them were not charged. Through that situation, I learned that I have to me more organized because if one of those were charged, we could easily find my daddy. Therefore, I decided to try my best to organize myself more than before.


November 19, 2007. 1.

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