2007/11/19_Reading Blog_Fantastic Mr. Fox (Last)

   ·  What happened??   

 While Mr. Bean, Bruce and Boggi were waiting Mr. Fox’s family to come out, Mr. Fox, small foxes and Mr. Badger went to the second place where a lot of fat ducks were located. They went in and Mr. Fox ordered small foxes to use the pushcarts to remove all of the ducks to many the families of the animals which lived inside the ground. All of the sudden, Boggi started to have doubts toward Mr. Fox because he thought Mr. Fox will eat all of them and also thought that stealing the ducks and other animals from the people would not be a good way because stealing is such a bad thing to do. But Mr. Fox says that if they do not steal it from others, then they will die because of the starving. Therefore, Badger agreed Mr. Fox and started to help him again. When they were traveling to the new places again, they found Bean’s secret cider cellar where the rude rat was living. When they were trying to enter, rat blocked them because the rat thought they were going to steal something from him. But finally he let them go. When they went in, there were a lot of glasses of cider and they drank a lot. Suddenly, someone came into the room who were the servant of Mr. and Mrs. Bean. They hid back of the cider glass which was very dangerous. Fortunately, they did not get caught but the rat got killed because of the poison from the servant. Mr. Fox and Badger brought many glasses of cider to the place where all of the others were. When both of them were arrived in a right place, all of the animals who lived under the ground celebrated the night for the fantastic fox, Mr. Fox for saving their lives. Still, three mean men were waiting for Mr. Fox to come out and shoot him.

 ·  What will happen next??  

I think someday soon, the three farmers will be exhausted and turn back to their home. When they got to their house, they will see their ducks and all of the other things and recognize that a lot of them are gone. And later, they think each other stole their food so they fight. And they will never catch Mr. Fox and Mr. Fox will keep stealing the food for all of the animals under the ground.

  ·  How did you feel about the parts you have just read??    When I was reading through all of the events of the story, I was very happy that Mr. Fox found the way to get out of the starving because he was so poor. And then thought the three men are too fool because foxes can dig the hole to another side where they could not even imagine and how can the three men would empty their house which is dangerous. Also I was very proud of Mr. Fox because he was very genius and with his genius head, he supported every animal with the food. If Mr. Fox did not do anything, everyone will die because of the starving.

 ·  Might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story??? I want to ask Mr. Fox how can he smell the things which are far away from where he is?Also want to ask him if he was proud of himself or not?


November 19, 2007. 1.

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