Tiffany Lee 2007-11-17-Saturday Journal 

I had many events on Friday which I am going to tell you. I had so many tests on Friday; therefore, I studied until late and was very sleepy. I took the bible quiz during the first block and also took spelling and reading comprehension test during the last block. I think I ruined my reading comprehension test because the test was very hard for me. After the school, it was Elizabeth’s birthday, so my friends rode the B bus to go to Bundang to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday. When we were arrived in Bundang, except for Elizabeth, we went to Lizzy’s house to put our bags. And again, all of us met at Seohyun station where we were planning to play. Firstly, we went to KFC to eat dinner which was served by Elizabeth. And next, we went to the karaoke. Some friends bought an ice cream cake for Elizabeth and sang “Happy Birthday!” for her and gave her our presents. She kept saying thank you to us and we were happy because Elizabeth looked very happy with her presents and the cake we bought for her. We sang all together and played a lot without any stress but with the joyfulness. After that, we went to Lizzy’s house to get out bags and Elizabeth went to her educational institution. And then we separated. The people who live in Suwon like me, Hannah, Meena and Rachel had to take my daddy’s car. But then I had to communicate with him but my cell phone’s battery was gone, and so were everyone’s cell phone. It was very hard to find where my daddy was without our cell phone. Therefore, we went to the market and borrowed the cell phone charger so that we could call my dad. When I came back to my home, I washed my face right away and saw the television and slept which is my favorite thing.

On Thursday, I had a good time with Ms. Bae by doing the after school activity but when I came back to my home, my bad illness which deals with my skin got worse because I got to much stress. And also I had a cold and fever which made me to have a hard time to study the test. I had three tests on Friday, therefore, I had to study but I was so sleepy and could not concentrate well because I was so dizzy. But I still, studied until 11:30 P.M., and decided to wake up at 4 A.M. in the morning. Therefore, I slept but could not sleep well because I was worrying about the test.

On Wednesday, when the “Caps” was not working and I got scared of it, I learned that I as the member of my family should care about what is happening in my house and be aware about it. Because before, I always leaned to my daddy and mommy and thought they would do everything for me but I realized that I became older and then I also have to take care more about my house and family. It was such a good lesson for me.


November 17, 2007. 1.

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