Tiffany Lee 2007-11-16-Friday Journal  

On Thursday, as a usual, I went to the school. I enjoyed my classes a lot because we do new things every class which made me feel curious. When I was in the social class, we did the game which was fun and made me to understand well about Japan’s old system. I was the peasant of the Samurai and kept on making the rice because peasants had to grow only rice. After the school, I did the after school activity with Ms. Bae, Meena, Elizabeth, Steven, Joseph, and Joey. I learned a lot about the Monkey’s Paw and the Third Wish story because I did not really understand before. Ms. Bae explained us with detailed information. When I arrived at my home, it was 6 P.M., but I was not hungry without any reason. Therefore, I did not eat my supper and my bad illness which deals with the skin got worse. I studied for the spelling, bible, and reading test for about 4 hours. My mom came at 10 P.M. and she realized that I was sick and did not eat the supper. Therefore, she forced me to eat dinner. I had to eat it and I slept at 11 P.M. by myself because I was so sleepy. And I also decided to wake up early in the morning so that I can study for the test.

On Wednesday, I had busy time when I arrived at my home because I had an algebra chapter test on Thursday. I studied a lot even though I was sleepy. As I was studying, my tiredness was getting worse and worse so that I could not even open my eyes well. At the midnight, about 11 P.M., I was very scared! The “Caps” which prevents the thief to come in broke badly. But I thought the thief broke it because he or she wanted to steal something from my house. When we called someone who works in “Caps,” he said it was because of the water which flew on the machine. Therefore, I could enjoy my peaceful and sweet sleeping time.

On Tuesday, during the bible class, I realized that I needed laptop. When I was trying to take my laptop, I also realized that there was no laptop in my bag. I thought it would be okay but I kept thinking whether I need laptop or not and realized that my bible project was saved in my laptop which was very important for my project group. Therefore, I asked Ms. Jean and Ms. Kwon to go to home and get my laptop. They did let me go therefore; I went to my home and came back to the school again. On Tuesday, I realized that I need to take everything I need for my school day without making the mistake by forgetting what I should have. And I decided to be more organized so that I can have a better school life without getting any troubles.


November 16, 2007. 1.

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