On Wednesday, in the morning, I woke up kind of early in the morning because I heard the sound of a drum. I heard that it was noise because Thursday is the time to take the Korean version SAT, therefore, they were celebrating before the day. When I was in the school, as a usual, I spent the normal time with my friends and teachers. When the school ended, Eugenia, Meena and I separated individually to our home. When I arrived at my home, I started to take my homework chart and did my homework. Also algebra test was located on Thursday; therefore, I studied for it. I also ate the supper by myself because my parents were late to my home. My daddy came around 9 P.M. and my mom came around 10:30 P.M. These days, they are too busy that I could rarely see their faces. In the midnight, my house has a system calls Caps which prevents the thief to come into my home. The problem was that it did not work! I was so surprised because I thought that the thief came to our house to steal something. But the person who works there came to my home and told us that it was not working because water touched it. Therefore, I became comfortable after I heard that fact. I was so sleepy that I could not even open my eyes well; therefore, I slept at 12 P.M.

On Tuesday, I was busy with my school days and homework. After the school, I had an after school activity with Ms. Bae. I like to have an activity with Ms. Bae because I get to learn a lot with her. I learned a lot of facts about the Monkeys Paw because I did not really understand what the story is about. I had such a good learning time but I was kind of confused with some of them because they were very complicated for me. I felt that I have to study more with my school subjects, especially English. I arrived at my home and had a busy but lonely time by myself.

On Monday, I went to buy the birthday presents for my friends-Rachel and Elizabeth. When I was choosing what to buy for them, I was very confused because I had to choose something that they will like it. And from this event, I learned that when ever we are buying something for others, we have to consider a lot because we should not make them feel bad because of the present. And also I got an idea how to choose the present! Buy something that what I want to have for the birthday present! Therefore, I think I chose their present what I wanted to have. I hope they will ike my presents.


November 15, 2007. 1.

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