On Tuesday, during the school time, I had such a busy day but fun day with my teachers and friends. During the bible class, I necessarily needed the laptop because we have such a big project which was due Wednesday but has been changed now. But still, at that time, I really needed it but I forgot to bring it. Therefore, I asked Ms. Jean and Ms. Kwon to go to my home to get it because I needed my laptop for the bible, and social class which is very important for me. Both of them let me to go to my home to get my laptop. I felt kind of weird because it is very rare to go to home in the middle of the class time. After all of the school time, I had an after class activity with Ms. Bae which helps us to catch up what are we learning during the class time. The original members were Steven, Meena, and me but this time there were Meena, Elizabeth, Steven, Joseph, and me! I really enjoyed at that time because I could supplement my weakest part-English. When I got to my home, I did my homework which was very boring but also helpful. When it was 10 P.M., as a usual, I went to the sitting room where the television is and our family had gathered to watch the drama calls “Iesan.” Suddenly, my cell phone was ringing after about twenty minutes later the drama started. It was my old friend and she told me to come out because she has something to tell me. Therefore, I went out and met her. I also gave her a late pepero. She told me that she might go to America next summer. I was so shocked because I did not know that my old friend is going to America. And I turned back to my home and slept at 12 P.M.

On Monday, I was so busy because of the school works. We are in the almost middle of the quarter, so I think we are having much more things to do than the last of the quarter. But I try to enjoy everything I do even thought I have the test or the bug project. When Meena, Eugenia, and I went to buy Elizabeth’s birthday present, I had such a great time with them because if I was buying her presents by myself, I would not be really happy because I might felt lonely. I think I spent rest of my day with the full of busyness.

On Sunday, when I went to the Life Church in GSIS, I learned about prayer. And the pastor told us that God responds in a different ways because God has different plans for each one of us. Therefore, from now, I decided to accept everything even thought it is very hard to accept or I am having a hard time because through that, I realized that God is planning something for us. And I want to follow what God wants me to do in my whole life time.


November 14, 2007. 1.

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  1. xmaryx replied:

    This is interesting to read and see what you do in your daily life.


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