On Monday, I woke up late in the morning which made me to have a trardy for the home room. It was horrible because I was not still awoke even I wan in the classroom during the morning. Monday is the most sleepy day for me or perhaps everyone. When my school ended, Eugenia, Meena, and I went to the “Artbox” whixh sells a lot of pretty accessories. We went there because my precious freinds-Elizabeth and Rachel’s birthday was coming soon. I bought a little bag, hair band and cellphone accessory for them. I hoped they would like it because I spent quiet a lot of money to buy those burthday presents. We seperated from each other and when I arrived at my house, one of my best friends from my old elementary school sent me a text message which said she did put something in the letter box. Therefore, I checked it and there was a pepero for me. I was vert impressed because I did not know that she cares about me a lot. I did my homework and chat with my friends for the rest of my day. At 10 P.M., I saw the drama calls “Iesan” which is very fun and interesting with my family. I enjoyed my day but still I was very sleepy.

  On Sunday, I went to the Life Church is GSIS joyfully which is one of my favorite places because I am a Christian. Sunday was the day I could relax for the most because except the church and going out for the dinner, I stayed at my house by relaxing and finishing my homework and projects. I think I had a good time with my family too who are very busy during the normal days. I wished I could rest and relax more because I was too exhausted.

  On Saturday, I did not want to do the orchestra practicing because I was very tired and had do energy because I went to the dentist. But my parents told me to go and I knew that I better go for my team and myself because the concert is coming soon. After the orchestra, I realized that I should not be lazy and do not only think about my feeling because I might can ruine the other people’s precious practice time. Therefore, from now, I will try my best to go to the orchestra practice every Saturday even thoough I do not have a good condition.


November 13, 2007. 1.

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