2007/11/13_Reading Blog_Fantastic Mr. Fox

  what happened??   

 Mr. Bean, Bunce and Boggi were kept on digging the ground by using the machine which can dig the ground easily. The lunch time has passed and finally it became 6 P.M., which made them hungry. Therefore, they asked their farm’s workers to take the supper and the tent for them because they decided to keep watch the family of Mr. Fox and asked the workers to bring the gun to each one of them so that Mr. Fox can not move the place one another. All of the neighbors were saying three men are stupid, because foxes are faster than the human. While three men were waiting the foxes to come out, Mr. Fox’s sweet sons and daughters were starving to the death because they did not eat for a whole day which was very hard for them not live properly. Mr. Fox realized that he has to think a fantastic idea for his family. Therefore, he got an idea which he was not sure but thought he has to try because he did not want to die because of the starving. He told his plan to his family members which was to dig the hole more but he did not tell where they are going because they might be disappointed if they arrived in a wrong place. All of the sons and daughters agreed with it but Mrs. Fox could not go because he was no strong enough to go because of the starving. Therefore, except for Mrs. Fox, they were digging the hole. While they were digging, Mr. Fox felt something was very solid and hard! Therefore, he pushed it hardly and realized that it was Boggi’s chicken house number one which had a lot of chickens which were lovely. Therefore, they ate a lot of it and mom became lively because she ate the chicken which she thought it was the dream but it wasn’t! Mr. Fox realized that he could go further to another farmer’s farm to catch another food. While he was digging more, he met one friend inside the ground who looked pale. Therefore, Mr. Fox asked him why is he so pale and he said that people were watching over the animals under the ground so his family could not go out to catch the food. Therefore, Mr. Fox led him to the place where he was going but we do now know if he is sure that he is going to the right way or not. 

  what will happen next??


 I think fantastic Mr. Fox will travel all along to the three farmer’s farm house and take foods from each one of the house while they were all gone to watch Mr. Fox’s family to come out. And then the three men will be giving up because they are exhausted.


  how did you feel about the parts you have just read??


  When I was reading through all of the events of the story, I was very happy that Mr. Fox found the way to get out of the starving because he was so poor. And then thought the three men are too fool because foxes can dig the hole to another side where they could not even imagine and how can the three men would empty their house which is dangerous?


  might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story???

 I want to ask Mr. Fox how did he feel when he had no idea but the three men were watching his family members and his family members were starving to the death? Didn’t you feel that you have responsibilities for your family? 


November 13, 2007. 1.

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