The first thing I did on Sunday was to go to the church which I love to do. I woke up early in the morning to go to the church. I met Eugenia in front of my house with the smile face and we walked together to GSIS where the life church is located and also it is my school. We got there and worshiped together joyfully and listened about God, and about the prayer. I thought that the teacher who teaches the teenager is very good and funny. When it ended, we separated to go to our own house, when I got to my house; I ate Ramyun which I really love! I could not it for about a month because I have a bad ill and Ramyun makes it to become worse. But it tastes really good. I spent rest of my time by doing my homework and chatting with my friends. My dad came earlier than my mom because my mom was in Bundang Samsung Plaza to buy clothes. She also bought some clothes for me because I asked her eagerly. All of my family members went out to eat dinner together. I think I had such a great weekend with my family this time.

On Saturday, I was very busy that I did not know that time was going faster than I thought. When I was in the dentist, I hated a lot because I did not like to go to the dentist. My teeth hurt a lot and when I got new braces, it seriously hurts my teeth. But I want to have beautiful shaped teeth; therefore, I could be still even though it hurt a lot. When I went to Central Christian Academy Orchestra practice, I was so busy by playing my clarinet part of the music but enjoyed a lot because I love to play clarinet which is my most favorite instrument. And also it is the only instrument I can play at all. I also felt that it was a good choice to come to the orchestra because I was very happy that I can play the music with other students and have a good time with them. It was such a busiest day but also proud day for me.

On Friday, I learned two precious lessons. First, when I played with Eugenia, Meena, and Saegee, I felt that friends are very precious in my life because they make me happy and to be relaxed in the middle of my busy life. Second, when I met my old friend to get a file from my old school, we talked about our past in old school which I really missed. And I felt that memories are memories, which will be last as a dream. Even though I miss my memory and want to go back, I can not and keep that in my mind. Also I realized that I have to keep my memories preciously which are my present from God. Therefore, from now, I will think that every single day is a precious gift from God.


November 12, 2007. 1.

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