On Friday, we had a student assembly during the morning time of the school. I enjoyed a lot because there were a lot of awards for the students who behaved very well. I also got an award from Ms. Jean which was the award from the bible class. I was very embarrassed because I had to stand in front of everybody. But I was proud of myself when I went to the stage. Yesterday was fun Friday, and I thought I had a detention because I used Korean during the soccer tournament but I did not have it because Mr. Cooper told me that the people who used Korean during the soccer tournament just got a warning for this time. After school, Saegee, Meena, and Eugenia stayed at the school with me. We went to the Kimbab store to eat delicious things. While we were having a good time there, I had to go to my home earlier because my friend bought something from my old school which I needed. When I arrived at my home, I met my old friend from my old school. We played together until 10 P.M. in the night. We talked a lot about our precious memories together and I really liked it. I also missed my friends from my old school. yeterday was busy and happy day for me.

On Thursday, after a busy school day, I went to Homeplus with Monica, Meena and Eugenia to buy peperoes for Pepero Day. When we got there, the place where sold peperoes were very crowded that I could not even breathe. I wished I can get out of that place as fast as I could. I chose what I wanted to buy and came out first because I could not handle the busyness of the people. When I came to my home, I was so busy because I had a lot of things to do, therefore, I spent rest of my day by doing my homework which made me very busy and complicated because there were some homework which were demanding deep thoughts.

On Wednesday, I took a clarinet lesson from my clarinet teacher after my school time. At that day, I learned a new thing about the key of the clarinet. I thought clarinet only can go up to higher octave E. But on Wednesday, I learned how to play an octave higher F with my teacher to improve my clarinet skill. I was very happy that I learned something about my only instrument and also I learned that I should think more widely with everything in the world, even clarinet. I know it was a little thing that I did not know there was higher octave F. But, it was very important lesson for me.


November 10, 2007. 1.

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