On Thursday, I was walking toward my home after a busy school with a lot of tiredness with Eugenia, Meena, and Monica. We talked about a lot of things together and suddenly, we got an idea that Pepero Day is on Sunday! And we realized that we had to celebrate the Pepero Day on Friday which is tomorrow because we do not get to meet each other on Sunday. When we thought about it, Meena was already gone to her house; therefore, I called her to come out to buy the pepero together. When we gathered, we went to Homeplus which is a sale market which we thought would be nice to go and buy peperos there. When we got there, first, we could not find the pepero which was weird! But when we went to some corner, there were tones of peperos. It was so crowded that I could not even walk there with my friends. There were a lot of people buying it, and the song of Pepero Day was coming out of the Television and many people were selling the pepero and tried to grab attention from the customer because it is such a good chance to grab attention from the people when there is special event which was a trick of the trade. We were separated from each other and we went to our home individually to be ready for the Pepero Day. I came to my home and started to do my work done and the homework from my daddy which were a lot. I tried my best as I could finish my homework. My mom and dad were late yesterday, so I had to eat the supper myself which I hated. These are all I did yesterday with the full of busyness. Yay, tomorrow is Friday!

On Wednesday, I like the Wednesday the best because there are a lot of my best subjects. Also I like it because I receive the precious lessons from Mr. Jean which help me a lot through my life. I was having such a tired and hard time in the school because I had a lot of homework and works to do. I went to the clarinet lesson for my skill of clarinet even though I was too tired. These days, I easily get tired with no reason maybe it is because I do not get to have much sleep. I came to my home which took 25 minutes and did my homework which was not fun.

On Tuesday, I had a class with Ms. Bae after school to have an extra help. I am not really good at English, so she helped me a lot in many ways. I learned a lot of vocabularies which I was not sure about it. I think Ms. Bae helped me a lot to learn English because she teaches me in a easy way to me.


November 9, 2007. 1.

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  1. meenahuh replied:

    We had marvelous time together, buying those peperos.kkk. I am SO addicted to the pepero song, which was coming out of the Home Plus television thing in front of the peperos.

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