On Wednesday, as a normal, I went to the school which was fun but hard. Even though I am attending the international school for about two years, it is hard for me to understand a lot of English fully because it is a second language to me. Therefore, I struggled with it when I was in a school. Also I had a great time with my friends and chapel was happened yesterday in the morning so it was such a good teaching to me. After the school, I went to my clarinet lesson which is near my school, GSIS. I practiced my duet song with my partner for the performance soon. It was hard to match together but I think I did my best to match together. When I came to my home, I checked my homework list and realized that there were a lot of homework which are waiting for me! I started to do my homework with my best. When I was doing a social homework, I had to comment my opinion on the blog about what I current event I read. Yesterday, I read about Japan which my social class is learning about. It was about the education that Japanese people are trying to have a different way of learning which was very great. Because I think learning in a certain place in classroom is not at all but experience a lot of things in many ways.


 On Tuesday, I felt very tired because of the school life. And also when I was doing an extra class with Ms. Bae, it was very helpful for me to learn more about English which is my weakness part. I think every single day is important in my life because it will lead up to my future. I was very bored at my home because I had to stay alone with my dogs and myself, but I am used to it. I also felt that the weather was getting very colder day by day which I really like. I love winter!


 On Monday, when I saw the drama calls “Iesan” in 10 P.M., I learned a lot of things about Korea’s history about the king calls, “Jung Jo.” He was such a great king in Korea because he cared about the people in Korea a lot by caring each one of them. I was very impressed with it and also the story was telling me in the past, there were two kinds of group which were the people who follow the king or the king’s son who will be the king later. It was very interesting and a good time for me to learn about Korea’s history. Because I go to the international school, I do not really get to learn about the history of Korea deeply. I think it is a good opportunity for me to learn about it through the drama which is very fun.


November 8, 2007. 1.

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