On Tuesday, as a normal day, I had my busy school day with my teachers and friends. But in the homeroom class, my team practiced for the arm wrestling which will be played with other homerooms. I lost by Lizzy, but I enjoyed a lot. When the last bell of the school rang, I ran to Ms. Bae classroom to get an extra help for the reading and writing. We did not have a rush time, but I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot of things including vocabulary which is my weakest part in English. When I went back to my home, it was 5 o’ clock in the afternoon. I tried to finish my homework and be ready for tomorrow. I called with Saejee also to talk about things going on which was very exciting. Yesterday, I had to eat the supper by myself because my parents were late. And at 10 P.M., I turned on my Television to watch my favorite drama calls “Iesan” which plays on Monday and Tuesday, 10 P.M. I went to my bed at 12 P.M. with the full of tiredness and expectation for tomorrow.

Monday was like a normal day to me which was spent by staying at my house. I listened to the music, did my homework, and other things that I could do by myself. I am familiar with being myself alone because my parents always go to the work. I felt kind of boring but also had a lot of homework so I spent such a busy day.

On Sunday, I stayed at home with my mom for a whole day which was kind of boring but was a good opportunity to have a break and relax. At the midnight, our family went out to refresh our feeling, and I realized and learned something. I only stayed at home for almost a whole day, but I realized that I have to exercise a lot for my health. It might be hard when I go to the college without any sleep if I am too weak. Therefore, I decided to exercise a lot for my health and future. I think that was such a great experience for me.


November 7, 2007. 1.

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  1. meenahuh replied:

    We had GOOD TIME in Ms. Bae’s after school class^^.
    (Your blog is so so so so so so so pretty~^^CHRISTMAS, YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING!)

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