Yesterday was the most tired day in my life. I slept lately on Friday because of the science test and woke up earlier to be ready for the science test. As I have set the goal that I would do my best whatever I do, I studied my best to achieve my goal for this semester. When my busiest school time finished, I was so happy to go to my home. I rode the bus with Eugenia to get to the home. I was very tired but happy to go to my home. When I arrived at my home, there was a big market near by our home. Therefore, we went there and ate Ddukbokggi together. It was so delicious because I had Eugenia together with me when I was eating. When I came back to my home, I had to do tones of homework by myself. My mom and dad go to the work, so I had to stay home by myself with the loneliness. At 10 P.M., my favorite drama called “Iesan” started, so I watched it, and did not know the time was passing so fast during that time. And I slept at 12 P.M. with the full of tiredness.

 On Sunday, I was very bored because I stayed at my home with my mom for a whole day. But staying home with my mom and relaxing time is usually rare for me, therefore, I enjoyed a lot. I hoped I would have more time to relax without any worries. At the midnight, our family went out to have a refresh air by riding a car. I was so refreshed and the weather was cold so I realized that I should wear a thick shirt tomorrow.

 On Saturday, I went to the soccer tournament with my friends which were the last one for a year. I played total 4 games with my team which was very little. But I think our team had such a great time. I learned similar thing as yesterday when I played the duet. When I played soccer with my team, I was a middle fielder. When I had the ball, other people came to me to steal the ball! So I could not have it for long and had to pass it to somebody. As you can see, I can not work a lot only by myself but if my teammates work together as a team, we will make a lot of goals which will lead to the champion. Even though we did not win a lot, I learned precious thing by playing the soccer with my team. And I hope my team realized that and learned what I have learned on Saturday.


November 6, 2007. 1.

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