2007/11/6-Fantastic Mr. Fox_Reading Blog

  • what happened??   
  • Down in the valley, there were three farmers-Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. They were very reach because they had their own farms with them. Boggis was a chicken farmer and was very fat because he ate three smothered chicken for breakfast, lunch and supper. Bunce was a duck and goose farmer and was very short and small because he only ate doughnuts and goose livers which he mashed it into a disgusting paste and then stuffed the paste into the doughnuts. All three of them were famous for the meanest farmers in the world and also very clever. One day, Mr. Fox and his family were very hungry so he asked his family which one do they want for the supper. When they chose one, Mr. Fox had to go out to hunt the meal for his family. He was very clever and good at smelling which blows with the wind that he can smell almost everything even though it is kind of far away. Three farmers were very clever that they knew that Mr. Fox will be coming, therefore, they decided to go Mr. Fox’s house to shoot him. When Mr. Fox came out of the hole, he was careful but did not realize something different because the wind was blowing in an opposite way. Suddenly, Mr. Fox saw something which was glancing; he thought it was a gun which was held by three farmers. He was so surprised so he went in to the hole right away very quickly. He was rescued and the three farmers lost the opportunity to catch the fox. Mr. Fox’s tail got ripped which made him to feel bad. The three farmers decided to dig the hole to get his family but they dug the hole more deeply so they could not. Therefore, they brought a mechanical shovels, and tractors. And Mr. Fox and his family tried to escape.


  • what will happen next??
  •  I think the three farmers will use their clever head to fight with Mr. Fox. And at the end, I think Mr. Fox and the three farmers will cooperate each other to not to eat three farmers’ but others.

  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read??
  •   When I was reading through all of the events, I got excited because both Mr. Fox and the three farmers are clever and they were trying to fight each other. I am waiting for the conclusion which will tell me how the story will be ended.

  • might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story???->I want to ask Roald Dahl about how to get a good idea to write an amazing story? Because it is hard to think of any interesting ideas.
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    November 6, 2007. 1.

    One Comment

    1. xmaryx replied:

      Hey, I must say that I agree with you about this being a good story.
      Good job.


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