2007/11/5/Monday_Tiffany’s Journal


What have you done these days? Let me tell you what I did and felt during the previous three days…


On Sunday, because of the soccer, all of my bodies hurt a lot that I could not walk properly. Especially legs were hurting a lot. Therefore, I stayed at my home almost whole day. I woke up at 9 o’ clock because I was going to go to the church but I could not. It was so sad that I could not go to the church where I can hear the good words from the pastor. I studied and relaxed at my house with my mom while dad was working at his university to make sure all of his students’ final project’s works were done. At midnight, daddy came and out family rode a car to drive Suwon around to refresh our feelings. I relaxed a lot at my home but still was tired.


On Saturday, I went to the dentist and the soccer tournament in SFS. I hate dentist because it makes my teeth to be better but still it hurts a lot when the doctor uses tools. I have braces because my teeth are irregular. It hurt a lot when I got the new braces on my teeth and now I am scared to have another new one later. When I arrived at SFS right away from the dentist, I played few games. My team played four games which was not that long but had a great time with other schools and my friends. I was very proud of my team because all of us tried hard to be the winner. And that day was the last tournament we had for the soccer for a year. We won once, lost twice, and tied once. Even though the score was lower than before, I was very proud and enjoyed playing it. When I went back to my home, I was so tired so I slept very early.


On Friday, I had a clarinet lesson with my teacher. Students who go to my clarinet educational institution practiced the song for duet because we have a concert on December. I am also the member of them so I practiced a lot. On that day, my duet partner and I got to meet each other to play our music together. When I practiced alone, the music flowed in a sequent but when I played with my partner, it was hard to match together. I realized that when we need a cooperative work, we need to listen what the partner is playing and try to work out each other. It is not an individual work so we have to listen with the patient without being selfish. It was such a great lesson for me to realize the importance of cooperating and how to do it well.


November 5, 2007. 1.

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