Reflective Journal

Tiffany Lee
Writing 8
Ms Bae
B Block

State your goals…
1. I decided to read the news paper or magazine three times a week
2. I will get all A’s on my report card
3. I will try to improve my English skill by solving a lot of English problems a week

Reflect on conference…
 How did it go?
I think the conference with my parents and teacher went  well and helpfully because we discussed about my goal and what we should do to improve our skill and my mom and dad cooperated. Also I think I got a good goal which will make my studying skill better than before.
 How did you feel?
I felt very delightful because even though my  grades are not that good, I realized my goal and it would be nice that I try to achieve my goals for my future. I also thought that I have to study more hard to improve my English skills and got a stronger minded.

Things I must change to achieve my goals…
-I have to try not to do MSN, Cyworld, or other games with the computer which disturbs me from studying.
-I need to finish all of my works and homework
-Study a lot when I have test and try my best
-Read a lot of books
-Try to do something at the over level not my normal level to upgrade myself


October 31, 2007. 1.

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