2007/10/29-Beautiful City of the Dead

  • what happened??   The main character who’s name is Zee appears with the strangeness and relative things about the fire and herself saying it starts with the fire. One day, she goes to the new school and meet a guy who is in a same part of school called Relly. At that day, Zee got a highest fever ever she had. She was supposed to stay at home, but her dad forced her to go to the school which is new. Therefore she had to go but Relly told Zee that she looks awful and sick. Relly invited Zee to his weird band and let her see what he does with other three friends. Zee had a same biography and art class with Relly. One day, during the art class, they had to find a picture they like and draw it as a project. Zee found a piece of paper with the Veitnam War’s picutre on it. Relly looked at Zee with the weird face because he thought that those are not for girls, only for the weird boys. After the school, Relly brought Zee to his band room and told Zee about the sound of the ghost. He said that when you turn on the music or play the music the loudest so that your eyes hurt, then even thought it is loud, you can feel the silence with the voice of the ghost. It was weird but Zee did want to hear more about it. Also Relly told Zee that he fired the bass player because he was not concentrating on the band. Therefore, he was worrying about is, so Zee told him that she will play for the band because she can play the bass a little bit. Therefore, Zee practiced a lot to be good player.
  • what will happen next??->   I think something scary thing with the first will come out because the narrator is giving the foreshadowing of what will happen with the fire.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read??->  I think as the title of the book is fearful, the story itself is very fearful. Every word is very well described to make the mood of horror.
  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it???-> I would like to change the part when she was talking about the picture of Veitnam War. It might be more than the way it looked, but they did not much talk about that.
  • might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story???->I want to Zee how did she feel when she heard from Relly that we can hear the sound of the ghost?
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    October 29, 2007. 1.

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