2007/10/9-Esperanza Rising

  • what happened  ->   Esperanza was keep on praying for Marta. After few days, Isabel came to Esperanza and told her that she wants to be Queen of May which is the festival in the school. But the thing is that Mexican can not be a queen. Even though Esperanza knew that, she encouraged her to be a queen. Next day, Miguel told Esperanza that the boss of their land bought a new land in Arizona which has a lot of water resources such as the swimming pool. If you go there you can swim but if you are Mexican, you only can swim on Friday which is the most dirty day in a week. Esperanza was very sad to hear that. She was so frustrated because Americans were ignoring Mexicans. Therefore, she was trying to run away from the camp like a strikers. Suddenly Miguel cought Esperanza and not to go and you have to be strong. Esperanza was so mad so she complained all the thing to Miguel.
  •   Next day, Esperanza heard that Miguel has gone today. She felt guilty but she hoped he will be back. When she was taking care of babies, Isabel came to her with the gloomy face. Isabel was so sad because she could not be a Queen of May in the school. Esperanza hugged her and gave her a precious doll which her father made for her. Esperanza was proud of giving the doll to Isabel. Next day, Esperanza got to meet her mom in the hospital and talked with the doctor. When Esperanza was waiting nervously, the doctor came out and told her that her mom got better so that she can go to the home. Esperanza was so happy and could not wait until her mother comes.

  • what will happen next?  ->Esperanza’s dad will come to the place where they are and they move their house to another place where they can live freely.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read? ->I was so sad that Mexicans were treated in a bad ways. But I also felt happy that Esperanza’s mom has come back!
  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it?  -> I would like to make her mom to be cure fastly and make them to escape from the camp village so that they can live freely.
  • might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?  ->I want to ask Esperanza how did she feel when her mother was away from the hospital which she wanted?
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    October 9, 2007. 1.

    One Comment

    1. xmaryx replied:

      I like your prediction of what will happen next in the story and your feelings when you read this chapter or part of the story. Good job.


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