2007/9/21-Esperanza Rising

  • what happened  ->
  •   Esperanza and her related people stopped eating their lunch and rode the truck again. While they were going, Esperanza saw the grape land with the full of grapes. There were too much that she could not even see the end point of the land. When they stopped the main place where Esparanza, her mom and her servants can get a cabin to sleep and stay, she mat one girl who’s name was Marta. She asked Esparanza who you are and Isabel told her about Esparanza. Suddenly, Marta said her daddy died because of the person like Esparanza’s father. Esperanza was so mad at the rudeness of Marta. Isabel told about the campus where they can work, and rode the truck again to their cabin.

       When they arrived, Esparanza really did not like the bathroom and the room where they can stay in. The bathroom was so dirty that she did not want to use. Also she had to sleep with her four servants and her mom. Next day, she saw her mom being ready to go out and pack the grpes so that the master of the cabin would reduce the money that they had to pay. Esparanza dreamed all the things happened right now would be all dream.

  • what will happen next?  ->
  • I think Esparanza would run away from her mom and the United States and go to Mexico where she lived.

  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read? ->
  • I felt very sorry for her. However, if I was her, I would accept this happening and work hard as much as I can. But she is not acting like that so I was frustrating when I was reading.

  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it?  ->
  •  I would make daddy to come back to Esparenza’s family as a surprise.

  • might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?  ->
  • I just want to ask her what’s the difference between the environment in Mexico and the United States?


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