2007/9/20-Esperanza Rising

  • what happened  -> Finally, Esperanza, her mom, and other servants were arrived in the United States. She was so scared when they were checking their nationality, becuase she thought that her uncle might be coming. But they were okay. When Esperanza and her mom were done, they waited for other people but they did not come out. They were able to take a train fortunately. When they arrived in L.A., they met the family of Migue and they explained about their family to Esperanza’s family. They are the big family with the various people. While they were going, they stopped in a certain place to eat a lunch. There was a grass and Esperanza lied down and as daddy told her since when she was young, she lied down and listend to the breathing sound of the planst but she could not hear since daddy died. Suddenly, Migue came and encouraged Esperanza.
  • what will happen next?  ->I think she and her family will have such a hard time in the United State becuase of the different environement.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read? ->It was very interesting and I like this story for many reasons, especially, when the story astonishes me.
  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it?  ->I would make daddy to come back to Esparenza’s family as a surprise.
  • might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?  ->I just really encourage Esperanza because I know how it feels when someone died whi are closed to you.
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