2007/9/18-Esperanza Rising

  • what happened  ->Now, Esperanza and her mother are trying to be ready for their trip. They got a clothe from the clothe collection which was given to the poor people. Esperanza was feeling very bad because she did not wear those clothes before. She was being so confused as her environment has changed. Her mom told her uncle who is bad that she is going to marry him which was liying. Therefore, her uncle said he is going to make a garden again and give some money and wagon so that she can travel to her relatives which was actually for running away. Therefore, he said okay. Few days later, in the middle of sleeping, her mother woke her up and they rode the wagon to catch the train. Uncle has a lot of spies that they had to be careful. When they were almost close to the city, Esperanza felt so wierd that it was too crowded that they could steal money or materials. Her mom made her to be comfortable and they kept going.
  • what will happen next?->They will arrive at the United State. However, their uncle will be very mad and will try to find Esperanza’s mom.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read?->I feel very sorry for her but I also think that it might be a good experience for her to go to the new place rather than staying in one particular place.
  • any questions you might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?->What are you guys going to do if your uncle found you and try to punish all of you ?
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