2007/9/14-Esperanza Rising

  • what happened  ->Esparenza lives in Mexico and has a lot of family members close to her family. She lives in the countryside harving grapes. She became a lady so her generous and good dad told her to try to harve grapes. Therefore, every neighbors came out and harve the grape because it was the grape season. Tomorrow is her birthday, and every birthday, her friends and family members made her to be happy. She was waiting for her birthday a lot. The night right before her birthday, dad always went outside with her to walk, but at that day, there was no father. He did not come to his house even it was late. All of the relevants came and worried about Esperanza’s father. Suddenly, one car was coming which was relevant and said the bad news that her daddy died while he was working. All of the relevants except for the brothers of father were in a sad mood. Especially Esperanza and her mom. After that happened, father’s brother told her mom that this house and all the grapes are his property. And also forced her mom to marry him just because Esperanza’s mom was kind and famous for kindness that he can elected in the election. However, her mom said no, but they are in a sad mood.
  • what will happen next?->Father’s brother will ask to marry one more time to give a chance but mom will say no. Therefore, Esperanza’s family will be in a bad mood with the control of her father’s brother.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read?->It was very sad.. I have not imagined about my dad dying. But when I read this book, I felt like my dad died and it was very interesting to know each character’s deep thought.
  • any questions you might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?->I want to know more about Esperanza’s feelings when dad dies on her birthday.
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