2007/9/13-The story of the treasure seekers (Last)

  • what happened  -> One day, the visitor came who was the Indian uncle. Children’s father said that he is going to do the big business with their uncle. When he came, he looked very poor and looked like a cold person. Therefore, children told their uncle to come tomorrow and have a lunch with them. He agreed to come tomorrow. Next day, the uncle came to children’s house at 1′ o clock and had a lunch together. He very enjoyed it and liked it. Next day, one coach came to children’s house with a lot of pretty boxes. Children were very curious but it was for them! Indian uncle very liked them that they bought a lot of presents and also invited them to his house. Therefore, children went to his house and realized that Indian uncle is not poor but rich and having such a big house. He invited all other related friends to eat dinner together and also asked children and their father to live in his house together so they agreed. They learned a lot of lessons and not any more a treasure seekers.
  • what will happen next?  ->They will be rich and have a good education so that they can a lot of things by their uncle.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read? ->It was interesting and the ironic situation was very nice.
  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it?  ->I want to write more about one person’s deep thought which entertains the readers a lot.
  • any questions you might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?  ->I want to ask all of the children how can you be brave like that to go to the newspaper company and sell your poems.
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