2007/9/12-The story of the treasure seekers

  • what happened  -> Oneday, the little boy H.O. had a thought that they could get the money by acting. Therefore, in that village, there was a rich male who live next, they decided to make a plan that release their dog which is very tough and make the dog to attack the tich male. And they tried to act like they are saving that male. After their decision has maken, they went out and actually did it. But the rich male realized that this situation was planned by children. Therefore, he got so angry that he was alsmost called the police but he forgave all of the children because they were innocent. When they got to their home, they heard some strange sound from their father’s room. There was a person who was robber. Children tried to call the police but the robber was so kind that they did not call the police. When they were talking each other, they heard the sound of person moving on the upstaris, therefore, the robber said he will go and he went. There was a robber! They tried to call the police but the robber was too poor that they did not call but tried to wait until their dad comes. However, the robber went out all of the sudden and said thank you for saving. All of the sudden, their father came and said that the first robber is his old friend. All of the children was laughing because they were tricked by their father’s friend.
  • what will happen next?  ->I think they will keep try to collect money to help their father.
  • how did you feel about the parts you have just read? ->The story tells the important thing to learn for us every single situation.
  • if there is anything to change, how would you change it?  ->I will write more about people’s feeling which makes us the story to be interesting rather than only writing what was happened.
  • any questions you might want to ask the writer or the characters in the story?  ->I want to ask all of the children how can you be brave like that to go to the newspaper company and sell your poems.
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